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New products at GreenFingers

by John - February 5th, 2017.
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New lines today at GreenFingers

Roundup Weedkiller Telescopic Gel Wand

Roundup Weedkiller Telescopic Gel Wand £22.99
The Roundup Weedkiller Telescopic Gel Wand extends from 30 to 60cm allowing easy reach of weeds. Reach weeds at the back of a flower bed. Makes fast work of weeds on a path or patio. Extends from 30 to 60cm. Roundup Gel attaches to the wand with a simple twist and. Wand dispenses the weedkiller through the click of a trigger. Convenient loop allows easy hanging. Gel: 150ml

Smithy Versatile Patio Tub - 50cm

Smithy Versatile Patio Tub – 50cm £12.50
This Smithy Versatile Patio Tub looks great filled with flowers but why not plant some salad crops and culinary herbs? Not only are these edible but they are also decorative. So what can you plant? Basically anything you like as long as the tub is big enough! With all container-grown vegetables try to go for those suitable for close spacing. Made from 100% recycled (and recyclable) copolymerGun metal colour with a decorative design on the moulding No drainage holes in baseDimensions: 50 x 39cm highPlant not included

Ambassador Fruit Cage Netting 16 x 2M

Ambassador Fruit Cage Netting 16 x 2M £9.99
Keep your fruiting plants protected with this Ambassador Fruit Cage Netting which will ensure that come harvest time you will have plenty of produce to pick.This fruit cage netting is made from soft and flexible extruded PVC mesh and is rot proof. The black mesh is ideal for fruit cage construction and protection frames as it is sturdy and will hold its shape protecting your fruit and vegetable plants from birds and other pests.Black extruded PVC netting. Soft and flexible rot proof net. Great fruit and bush protection against birds. Sturdy and will hold its shape. Approx. 19mm mesh. This is a good sized netting which can be used for a multitude of uses around the garden giving protection to your plants and vegetables.Dimensions: L16 x W2m

Spring Bulbs 100 Days of Colour Collection - 50 Bulbs

Spring Bulbs 100 Days of Colour Collection – 50 Bulbs £7.99
The Spring Bulbs 100 Days of Colour Collection is made up of popular spring bulbs to bring colour to your garden.Contains 10x Bulbs of Each Variety: Dahlia Rembrandt. Gladiolus Nanus Nymph. Anemone Pinafore. Allium Oreophilum. Ixia.

Recycled Rubber Edging Flexi Curve Rockwall 1.22m - 9cm Height

Recycled Rubber Edging Flexi Curve Rockwall 1.22m – 9cm Height £9.99
Make your garden even more beautiful and eco-friendly at the same time the Flexi Curve Rockwall Rubber Edging. This versatile edging is made from recycled materials and is perfect for defining beds and paths.Features:Made from recycled materials. Suppled with 4 spikes. Easy to install. Weather and UV resistant. Create form and beauty in your garden with these eco-friendly recycled rubber edgings. Not only are they lightweight and easy to install but they are also very resistant to the weather and sun. The recycled rubber is very durable and scratch resistant and will not stain.These rubber edgings have been made from recycled rubber and have already saved millions of tyres from filling up landfills or rubbish tips. By using these instead of traditional edgings you are helping to reduce the world

Westland SafeLawn Lawncare Solution - 400m2

Westland SafeLawn Lawncare Solution – 400m2 £24.99
Westland SafeLawn Lawncare Solution is a 100% natural organic fertiliser and is safe to use around children and pets.100% natural organic fertiliser. Safe to use around children and pets. Creates healthier and stronger lawn. Prevents weeds and moss. Added grass seed to fill gaps and patches. Coverage: 400m2

Evergreen Super Seed - 2.3kg

Evergreen Super Seed – 2.3kg £14.99
Evergreen Super Seed contains a mix of coated seeds and a controlled release fertiliser.Contains a mix of coated seed: Fine Fescues Rye Grass . Controlled release fertiliser (poly-S) and gypsum. Ideal for low temperature areas. Great for sunny or shading gardens. Perfect for thin lawns and covering bald patches. Covers 33 square meters. Quantity: 2.3kg

Piazza Square Slate Planter - 51cm

Piazza Square Slate Planter – 51cm £99.99
The Piazza Slate Planter is made of 98% recycled material and features a drainage hole that protects against over-watering. For indoor or outdoor use. Drainage hole plug included. Heavy-duty and durable for all seasons. Weighted to discourage tipping over. 1 year no cracking guarantee. Dimensions: W58 x D58 x H51cmWeight: 10.4kg

Polyresin Kettle Bird House

Polyresin Kettle Bird House £9.99
Give the birds in your garden a quirky and fun place to call home with this Polyresin Kettle Bird House.This great looking bird house looks for all the world to be a workman

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