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New products at John Lewis

by John - February 17th, 2017.
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New products added today at John Lewis

Bosch AHS 54-20 LI Hedge Cutter

Bosch AHS 54-20 LI Hedge Cutter £180.00
The AHS 54-20 LI cordless hedge cutter by Bosch gives you freedom of movement with no cords holding you back, and a charging time of just 45 minutes means it’ll be ready to use when you need it. The hedge cutter combines a blade length of 540mm, a 20mm tooth opening and an electronic “ Anti-Blocking System ” to give a powerful cut so you can get your hedges neat and tidy in no time. Diamond-ground, laser-cut precision blades make cutting effortless. This model features the intuitive Syneon chip that controls energy according to demand, ensuring you work with the optimum power and maximum endurance in every project. The battery has a run time of up to 50 minutes giving you plenty of time to get the job done, while the Anti-Blocking System ensures you can cut continuously without interruptions. At the end of the bar you’ll find a saw function which enables you to cut branches up to 25mm in diameter. The trigger is ergonomically positioned so that you can cut comfortably in any position. An additional blade protector lets you safely cut along the ground and wall edges.

Bosch AMW 10 HS Hedge Cutter

Bosch AMW 10 HS Hedge Cutter £139.00
The Bosch AMW 10 HS features a powerful motor unit and hedge cutter attachment, perfect for cutting medium sized hedges. It’s extremely versatile and you can easily tackle trimming, tree pruning and hedge cutting with just this one tool. A 1000W power unit delivers outstanding cutting performance, whatever the job. Changing attachments is tool-free so you can quickly switch between applications. The hedge cutter attachment has a 180º angle adjustment for easy overhead cutting. Comes complete with hedge cutter attachment and shoulder strap.

Bosch Keo Cordless Garden Saw

Bosch Keo Cordless Garden Saw £60.00
Please note: This product is not available in our shops for viewing. However, you can still place your order in store. Cut down your effort as well as stray branches, thanks to the powerful Bosch Keo cordless garden saw. The removable A-grip offers extra versatility: for example, when the A-grip is detached, just a push of the trigger cuts branches up to 80mm thick. A soft grip handle and ergonomic shape makes for easy one-handed use, while the quick stop feature along with a hand guard ensures extra safety. There is also a safety lock to prevent unintended activation.

Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Shredder

Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Shredder £130.00
Please note: This product is not available in our shops for viewing. However, you can still place your order in store. Get rid of all your garden scraps and snippets with the razor sharp AXT Rapid 2200 shredder. Laser-cut precision blades , double-edged and made of hardened steel, make this a formidable shredding tool. Combined with the large capacity fast-feed hopper and a practical, safe plunger it will make light work of your leafy cutoffs! This impressive shredder can handle up to 80 kilograms of material in an hour. The high-speed Bosch Powerdrive motor has a 12 Nm torque level, along with a 2000 watt output for superior performance. This shredder weighs 11.5kg and has a handles and wheels for easy mobility.