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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - March 9th, 2017.
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GreenFingers has cut the price of these lines

Garden Kneeler Stool

Garden Kneeler Stool was £10.99 now £9.99
Make gardening easier with this garden kneeler; it provides a kneeling frame or if reversed a comfortable seat or foot stool. This green stool also incorporates integral arms to assist in standing back up again.Made of heavy duty impact resistant plastic with a cushion knee pad attached handles are moulded into both sides of the frame for ease of use.63 x 25 x 24cm High

Mealworms For Wild Birds - 1.2kg Pouch

Mealworms For Wild Birds – 1.2kg Pouch was £14.99 now £12.99
Mealworm For Wild Birds closely resembles natural foods found in the wild attracting a range of beautiful birds to your garden. These dried insects closely resemble the natural foods found in the wild and are rich in protein and essential oils. Suitable for use in mealworm feeders on bird tables and ground feeding. Comes in an easy pour re-sealable pouch.Recommended for: Robins Black Caps Starlings Blue Tits Dunnocks Wrens and other insect-loving species.Contents: 1.2kg bag

Natures Feast Hanging Metal Bird Feeder

Natures Feast Hanging Metal Bird Feeder was £15.99 now £14.99
If you are looking for a stylish and contemporary bird feeder for your garden then we might just have the one for you. This Natures Feast Hanging Metal Bird Feeder looks fantastic with its clean and simple lines that belie its efficiency as a wild bird feeder.Made from durable and easy to clean stainless steel this bird feeder has a central steel pole that has a hanging ring at the top. The base has a good sized lip to contain whatever seed or mix your feathered friends prefer and it comes with drainage holes so that if any moisture does get in it can drain away rather than soaking the bird food.Stainless steel construction. Easy to clean. Can be hung from trees bushes or pergolas. The base of this Natures Feast Hanging Metal Bird Table is covered by an oversized cone of stainless steel which will provide the birds feeding with much needed cover from both the elements and predators. This Natures Feast Hanging Metal Bird Table is the ideal way to lift the look of your outdoor space while looking after the wild birds that visit your garden.

Kingfisher Fleece Grow Tunnel x 3 Multi-Buy

Kingfisher Fleece Grow Tunnel x 3 Multi-Buy was £19.99 now £17.99
Thanks to its lightweight fleece covering the Kingfisher Fleece Grow Tunnel is a highly effective garden tunnel to protect your lettuces carrots and a whole host of other crops from the wind cold pets and pests and now it is available as a great value Multi-Buy. Features:Cover material only 300 microns. Create microclimates for each row of plants. Comes with 12 study pegs to secure your tunnel. No tools required to set up. With the Kingfisher Fleece Grow Tunnel you can have all the benefits of a large garden tunnel in your backyard thanks to its compact design features. Perfect for covering specific rows of plants in the vegetable garden this easy to set up mini garden tunnel is ideal for creating microclimates for each variety of plant in your patch.While this mini garden tunnel is great for creating microclimates it is also useful as a pest and pet deterrent so that you can protect your prized plants from inquisitive or naughty animals. The net result is that your patch is sure to produce more of a yield of healthier happier plants at the end of the season.12 pegs each 12cms longExtremely lightweight the Kingfisher Fleece Grow Tunnel is ideal for frequent moving allowing you to protect your plants with ease exactly when you want to. Requiring no fancy tools to set up this is a really simple way to give your plants a great growing environment.Contents: 3 x Kingfisher Fleece Grow TunnelsDimensions per tunnel: L310 x W45 xH45cm

Haxnicks Kitchen Garden Cloche - 100cm

Haxnicks Kitchen Garden Cloche – 100cm was £38.99 now £34.99
The Haxnicks Kitchen Garden Cloche is an attractive lightweight growing cover that has a generous height for larger plants and adjustable air vents.Made from strong rigid UV plastic this cloche is long lasting and features adjustable vents on both ends to customise airflow for your plants. An intricate spiral handle is both decorative and practical making it easy to transport the cloche anywhere. Ideal for growing herbs under cover protecting salads nurturing seedlings and bringing on young plants. The cloche helps to retain moisture as well as giving weather and pest protection to promote quick and healthy growth.Dimensions: W100 x D45 x H35cmContains: 4x galvanised steel ground pegs to keep it in place.

Ellister Alnwick FSC Acacia 183cm Companion Seat

Ellister Alnwick FSC Acacia 183cm Companion Seat was £119.99 now £109.99
A great alternative to a full sized bench this Ellister Alnwick FSC Acacia 183cm Companion Seat is perfect for relaxing in the garden with a loved one. With a useful table in-between the chairs you can enjoy a cool refreshing drink as you take a break from gardening

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