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New products at PondKeeper

by John - March 21st, 2017.
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New lines added today at PondKeeper

Blagdon Blanket Weed Algaway LARGE

Blagdon Blanket Weed Algaway LARGE £34.99
This powerful remedy for blanket weed and string alga offers good value for money – this pack treats 45,845 litres.
Handily a capful will treat 650 litres so you can add as much or as little as you need.

Blagdon Barley Straw Extract  500ml

Blagdon Barley Straw Extract 500ml £20.49
Get the results gained from barley straw bales without the soggy mess!
This effective blanketweed treatment takes the active ingredient found in barley straw to stop stringy weed growing in your pond

Blagdon Blanket Weed Algaway Small

Blagdon Blanket Weed Algaway Small £14.99
Blagdon have led the way in pond treatments for many years. New for 2017 is this powerful treatment to fight blanketweed and string algae. By using just one cap full of Blagdon Blanket weed for every 650 litres of water, you can eliminate Blanket Weed quickly and help keep your pond clear. This bottle can treat 10,740 Litres (2360 gall).