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New products at John Lewis

by John - March 22nd, 2017.
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John Lewis has these new products today

John Lewis Croft Freestanding Bird Table

John Lewis Croft Freestanding Bird Table £27.00
Our Croft bird table is a valuable addition to the garden which provides food for the birds and a great view for you too. Made from FSC wood and painted in a grey hue, it will bode well with its natural surroundings whilst providing a space for birds to flock around. Position in open areas such as a lawn or patio so you can admire from all angles. Croft Collection celebrates authenticity and craftsmanship with beautiful, considered pieces that are made with integrity. Its soft palette is enlivened with honey accent tones, evoking a relaxed feel you’ll love to come home to forever.

RSPB Standing Avocet Metal Scultpture

RSPB Standing Avocet Metal Scultpture £27.00
Make your outdoor living space a sanctuary for all birds with this standing Avocet sculpture. Proudly place next to the pond or amongst the tall flowers and grasses in the meadow.