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Price reductions at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - March 22nd, 2017.
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Suttons Seeds has cut the price of these items

Magnolia Plant - Black Tulip

Magnolia Plant – Black Tulip was £34.99 now £10.00
One of the darkest forms available! Shapely deep burgundy/purple flowers (reminiscent of a black tulip), which each measure approximately 15cm in diameter, are produced in profusion along the stems. Once mature, it will also often produce a second smaller display of flowers in the summer. Height 5m. Potted plant is 30-45cm high, supplied in a 5 litre pot.

Magnolia Plant - Yellow Bird

Magnolia Plant – Yellow Bird was £24.99 now £10.00
Bright yellow flowers, being unusual for magnolias, are produced from late April-May that contrast beautifully with the dark green leaves that emerge at the same time. A large conical shaped tree that will grow up to 10m tall in 20 years. Plant height 30-60cm, supplied in a 5 litre pot.

Magnolia Plant - Wada Memory

Magnolia Plant – Wada Memory was £19.99 now £10.00
Fragrant loose white flowers smother the bare branches of this magnolia in March-April. Measuring up to 12cm wide the semi-double blooms appear at the same time or just before the leaves start to emerge. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Height 7m. Plant of approximately 60-90cm is supplied in a 5 litre pot.

Magnolia Plant - Vulcan

Magnolia Plant – Vulcan was £19.99 now £10.00
Unusual shaped flowers in shades of purple and pink make this magnolia a great addition to any garden. The huge flowers are lightly scented and curl in on themselves as they open, gently fading in colour as they age. Grows to a height of 7m. Plant height 60-90cm, supplied in a 5 litre pot.An exquisite magnolia variety that will grow more and more dramatic with every passing year!