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Price reductions at Gardens and Homes Direct

by Sarah - March 26th, 2017.
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Price reduction at Gardens and Homes Direct

Birdbath with Water Fountain

Birdbath with Water Fountain was £38.99 now £19.99
Great for attracting wild life into your garden, our Birdbath with Water Fountain is a beautiful feature that both you and wild birds will enjoy. Built with a glass basin atop an iron frame, and adorned with a flower and insects motif, the birdbath features an integrated pump system, which is solar-powered, so your wild birds always have a steady stream of water to frolic in and enjoy. Simply pour in water and enjoy your new garden feature! Features: Birdbath with solar-powered water fountain. Decorated with a flowers and insects motif. Glass bowl atop an iron frame. Features a solar-powered water pump – simply pour in water and watch as wild birds flock to your new water feature. Dimensions: Size: H58.5cm x 27.5cm dia. / H23in x 11in dia.