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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - May 3rd, 2017.
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Suttons Seeds just added these new products

Thuja canadensis Plant

Thuja canadensis Plant £34.99
This North American native is a tall pyramidal conifer with slightly drooping branches. Small, fine, textured needles are produced and the cones are quite small and oval in shape. Height 50-60cm. Supplied in a 7.5-10 litre pot.

Thuja occidentalis Plant - Rheingold

Thuja occidentalis Plant – Rheingold £29.99
The bright golden-yellow summer colour of this variety helps it stand out in a crowd. In spring the new growth is tipped in orange making it look even brighter and in winter a more bronze colour develops. Rheingold develops into a tight rounded shrub allowing the plant to look good in many different areas, such as a mixed border, conifer or heather border or even in a rock garden. Height 90-100cm. Supplied in a 5-7.5 litre pot.

Thuja occidentalis Plant - Salland

Thuja occidentalis Plant – Salland £29.99
An attractive conifer with stunning yellow foliage which keeps its colour all year round. ‘Salland’ has an upright conical habit which makes it ideal for either a hedge or growing on its own as a specimen plant. Height 100-150cm. Supplied in a 5-7.5 litre pot.

Thuja occidentalis Plant - Sunkist

Thuja occidentalis Plant – Sunkist £29.99
This bright yellow form of Thuja is a real showstopper. Usually grown as a single specimen in the garden it can provide a great focal point, not only due to its pyramidal shape but also the bright yellow foliage in spring and summer which turns to orange-yellow in the winter. Although naturally compact, its size can be further controlled with an annual prune when a ball shape for example can also be achieved. Height 301cm+. Supplied in a 5-7.5 litre pot.

Thuja occidentalis Plant - Tiny Tim

Thuja occidentalis Plant – Tiny Tim £29.99
Tiny Tim is a slow growing compact form of conifer which produces a fresh green coloured globe, ideal for containers on the patio, in the garden or even rockeries. Supplied in a 5-7.5 litre pot.

Taxus media Plant - Densiformis

Taxus media Plant – Densiformis £29.99
This semi dwarf form produces a spreading shape and is usually wider than it is tall. Ideal for a single specimen or more compact hedges. Foliage often turns bronze during winter. Height 100-150cm. Provides year long interest. Supplied in a 5-7.5 litre pot. (PLEASE NOTE: Toxic if eaten.)

Thuja occidentalis Plant - Brobecks Tower

Thuja occidentalis Plant – Brobecks Tower £29.99
Selected by Anders Brobeck of Sweden, this form produces a neat conical shape made from deep green almost twisted palms of foliage. Height 91-100cm. Supplied in a 5-7.5 litre pot.

Thuja occidentalis Plant - Dancia

Thuja occidentalis Plant – Dancia £29.99
The luxurious glossy bright green foliage of ‘Danica’ forms a tight globe-shaped plant. The natural formal shape provides an architectural look and would stand out in all locations. Provides interest all year round. Height 10-50cm. Supplied in a 5-7.5 litre pot.

Thuja occidentalis Plant - Golden Tuffet

Thuja occidentalis Plant – Golden Tuffet £29.99
A dwarf growing variety with attractive yellow spring foliage which turns to a more orange colour during the winter. The dense growth has an almost braided appearance and almost looks like a large pin cushion once established. Height 90-100cm. Supplied in a 5-7.5 litre pot.