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Price reductions at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - May 6th, 2017.
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Reduced items at Suttons Seeds

Squash Plants - Kabocha

Squash Plants – Kabocha was £6.99 now £0.99
Origin: Japan. You won’t be able to resist a Kabocha squash (Japanese winter pumpkin), not only because of their cute size (immediately you’ll want to make little soup bowls out of their rinds), but also because they are tasty and good for you, rich in beta carotene, with a decent amount of vitamin C and iron to boot. The flesh near the rind is avocado green, giving way to a bright yellow-orange. You could roast them before you scoop out the flesh for a soup or they are delicious stuffed – a multi purpose sweet and savoury squash, and our favourite this year! A similar texture and flavour to a pumpkin and sweet potato combined!

Squash Plants - F1 Crown Prince

Squash Plants – F1 Crown Prince was £6.99 now £0.99
Ask any allotment veteran their idea of the best-flavoured winter squash and you can pretty much guarantee this one will come out top of their list. A nutty, honey-like depth and smooth, pudding-like flesh make it a superb choice for roasting. One of the most long-storing of all squashes.

Squash Plants - Uchiki Kuri

Squash Plants – Uchiki Kuri was £6.99 now £0.99
A teardrop-shaped Japanese squash. Its easy to grow and boasts a wonderful sweet and nutty flavour. Uchiki Kuri will easily set around four 1.5kg fruits per semi trailing plant. The hardy, drought-tolerant plants prefer a sunny spot.

Squash Plants - Honey Boat

Squash Plants – Honey Boat was £6.99 now £0.99
Easier to grow, more productive and sweeter than a butternut squash, Honey Boat produces super sweet fruit with firm, deep orange flesh, and each one makes the perfect size serving for two people. It keeps well throughout winter, and will prove itself invaluable in roasts, soups and a whole host of other dishes. Well worth a try!

Squash Plants - Tromboncino

Squash Plants – Tromboncino was £6.99 now £0.99
Origin: Italy. Wacky Italian cultivar with lovely, mild artichoke flavour & a long neck thats 100% free of seeds. Actually a variety of butternut squash, picked while still tender and green. As well as looking incredibly ornamental in the garden, its big benefit in the kitchen is that it tastes sweeter than most regular courgettes. Harvest July-September.

Squash Plants - Patty Pan Collection

Squash Plants – Patty Pan Collection was £5.99 now £0.99
Origin: Central America. Tender, nutty-flavoured summer squash in three easy to grow prolific-cropping varieties. Most tender when picked 6-8cm across. Comprises: Twinkle, Kermit and Polo.