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Price reductions at PondKeeper

by John - June 1st, 2017.
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PondKeeper reduced the price on these lines today

PondXpert Cleanopond Discharge Basket

PondXpert Cleanopond Discharge Basket was £39.99 now £29.99
NEW Discharge Basket designed specifically for use with PondXpert Cleanopond but will work with any pond vacuum.
Designed to collect the muck and debris from your pond allowing clean water to return.

PondXpert SpinClean   4500 Pond Filter

PondXpert SpinClean 4500 Pond Filter was £119.99 now £99.99
At last! A super easy-clean filter aimed at the smaller pond.
The SpinClean 4500 is so easy to maintain – just turn the handle to stir the sponges and dislodge the dirt. The cleaning technique is as follows:
– Cleaning Indicator shows filter is dirty
– Switch pump to ‘Off’
– Turn dial to ‘Clean’
– Turn handle to clean sponges and dislodge dirt
– Turn pump back ‘on’ and dirty water escapes
– Switch pump ‘off’
– Turn dial switch back to ‘pond’
– Switch pump back ‘on’

PondXpert Cleanopond Vac & Discharge Basket

PondXpert Cleanopond Vac & Discharge Basket was £119.99 now £109.99
This super ‘combo’ offer means you can clean up your pond and ensure no loss of precious pond water.

PondXpert SpinClean    4500 And PondPush 3200 Set

PondXpert SpinClean 4500 And PondPush 3200 Set was £149.99 now £129.99
This ‘combo’ deal puts two of our bestselling products together. For under £130 you will receive a stae-of-the-art ‘easy clean’ filter and a reliable pond pump.
This deal can’t last so please be quick!

PondXpert Spinclean  6000 Pond Filter

PondXpert Spinclean 6000 Pond Filter was £139.99 now £129.99
We really like these new pond filters. Simply turn the external handle to agitate the internal sponges. This super easy-clean feature reduces the frequency of a full clean.
The dislodged waste exits the filter via the waste outlet.
We tried this filter on our own test pond and were extremely happy with the results – it definitely was more effective than the previous ‘entry-level’ filter that we had on test.

Velda T-Flow Tronic 05

Velda T-Flow Tronic 05 was £179.99 now £149.99
Blanket weed is a common pond menace. This invasive weed can make your pond look unsightly and can block up pumps and filters. T-Flow is the ultimate permanent cure for Blanket Weed.
The Velda T- Tronic introduces copper ions into the pond water to stop the formation of Blanket Weed and Algae. This technology is the same
as that used to stop bottled water going green on the supermarket shelves. The unit should be connected into the hose between your pump and filter.
A mains power weatherproof control unit is attached to it and this can
be used to electronically change the settings to suit your pond’s conditions.

PondXpert Spinclean 12000 Pond Filter

PondXpert Spinclean 12000 Pond Filter was £169.99 now £149.99
Simply turn the handle on the top of this pond filter and it turns an internal paddle that cleans the sponges without you having to get your hands wet!A super new patented system that is set to ‘revolutionise’ the pond market!

Velda T-Flow Tronic 15

Velda T-Flow Tronic 15 was £199.99 now £164.99
Getting rid of blanket weed in a pond can be a messy exercise.
The traditional route has been to add treatments to the pond.
But this is periodic treatment of the problem….TFlow gets rid of string algae by constantly ‘streaming’ a fix.
The T-Flow sits between your filter and pump and utilises the flow of water to release copper ions into the pond.
The amount of treatment flow can be carefully adjusted via the LCD controller.

PondXpert SpinClean  6000 + PondPush 4500 Pond Pump

PondXpert SpinClean 6000 + PondPush 4500 Pond Pump was £179.99 now £169.99
Feature packed set for ponds up to 6000 litres (1320 gallons).Save £29.99 on buying items separatelySet matches up the economical and reliable PondPush 4500 pump with the new easy-clean SpinClean 6000 pond filter.
An easy low maintenance solution at an astonishingly low price.