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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - June 2nd, 2017.
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Dobies just added these new items

Tomato Grafted Plants - Nimbus

Tomato Grafted Plants – Nimbus £9.99
Good crops of round red tomatoesEarly to ripen and good disease resistanceWhat’s so good about grafted veg plants? We are revolutionising the home grown vegetable market with our range of grafted vegetable plants! Commercially the grafting method has been used for some time, but we’ve developed them for the home gardener, and early adopters have had extraordinary results: Big increases in yield from larger, more vigorous plants – up to 75% Earlier cropping, yet with sufficient vigour to crop well later in the season Grow in the greenhouse or outdoors – little or no heating required Excellent resistance to soil-borne pest and diseases – no more ring culture or grow bags – plant straight in the soil Greater tolerance to nutritional disordersPlease note: There is a possibility that your plant will include a grafting clip, if it does, this is an integral part of the grafting process and that it should be left in place. As the plant grows it will naturally shrug off the clip.

Raspberry Plants - Joan J

Raspberry Plants – Joan J £19.98
Produces an abundance of large, bright, juicy raspberries, with a truly delicious flavour. What’s more, if you find you can’ t eat the fruit as quickly as you harvest it, Joan J comes out of the freezer tasting as sweet and delicious as the day it was picked. As a ‘primocane’ raspberry, it fruits on newly produced canes – harvest the first raspberries from late July/early August, and keep picking right through to the first frosts in October/November!

Raspberry Plants - Autumn Treasure

Raspberry Plants – Autumn Treasure £21.98
A first-class primocane raspberry bred at East Malling. The large raspberries, which are an attractive colour and mouth-watering flavour, should be ready to harvest from late August/early September, and the canes are erect, self supporting and spine-free for easy picking.

Tomato Tumbling Bella Plants + Wicker Hanging Baskets

Tomato Tumbling Bella Plants + Wicker Hanging Baskets £20.00
British-bred and a vast improvement on ‘Tumbler’, which was a customer favourite for many years. This amazing producer will keep you in cherry-sized fruit from July right through to October. Each sweet little red tomato is crack resistant and grows to perfection in a basket or container environment. Compact and cascading, ‘Tumbling Bella’ is a true producer, great to snack on, or use as you would your favourite cherry tomato. In our opinion, the best hanging basket variety around. Height 30cm (12); spread 40cm (16). Plus a 35cm (14) wicker hanging basket.

Tomato Plants - F1 Heartbreaker Vita

Tomato Plants – F1 Heartbreaker Vita £9.99
An extraordinary F1 hybrid variety, producing a prolific crop of small, cherry-type, bright red, heart-shaped tomatoes, allowing the tomato nick-name love-apple to become a reality. Vita are dwarf, bushy plants which are ideal for patio containers or the greenhouse.You don’t have to have a large vegetable garden to grow your own. Even the smallest patio or balcony can accommodate a few containers that will give you a bumper crop of delicious fresh produce!

Tomato Plants - F1 Tumbler

Tomato Plants – F1 Tumbler £9.99
Ideal for baskets and containers, producing up to 4kg (9lb) of delicious cherry fruit in a single season.You don’t have to have a large vegetable garden to grow your own. Even the smallest patio or balcony can accommodate a few containers that will give you a bumper crop of delicious fresh produce!(Bush variety – very easy to grow as trusses do not require support and fruits without side shoots being removed.)

Raspberry Plants - Malling Juno

Raspberry Plants – Malling Juno £21.98
Firm, large and red berries of very good sweet flavour. Spine free with good disease resistance. Harvest late June-early August. Summer fruiting variety.