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Price reductions at PondKeeper

by John - June 7th, 2017.
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Reduced price on items today at PondKeeper

Blagdon Feature Pump Auto-Off  650

Blagdon Feature Pump Auto-Off 650 was £36.99 now £32.99
Blagdon are a water gardening company known world-wide for the quality of their feature pumps. In 2014 they introduced their best feature pump yet. A perfect flow rate of 650lph which is spot on for most features and a unique auto switch-off feature.
Water levels drop naturally due to evaporation, and in windy conditions this problem can be exacerbated. If the pump reservoir gets too shallow then the submersible pump can be severely damaged.
The new Blagdon 650 Feature pump takes away this worry as it automatically switches itself off should the water level get too low.

PondXpert TripleAction 3000  5m cable

PondXpert TripleAction 3000 5m cable was £49.99 now £39.99
The PondXpert Triple Action is an all-in-one style pump that offers exceptional value. This budget pump with UVC is the perfect entry level solution for ponds up to 2000 Litres. If keeping fish we would only recommend it for the smallest of ponds due to the relatively small filter area.
It comes complete with a hosetail attachment so 25mm hose (1 inch) can be attached and the flow directed to the desired location (a waterfall for example).
Also supplied is a fountain kit to create a range of displays – as well as looking great this helps to aerate your pond.

Blagdon Feature Pump Auto-Off 1200

Blagdon Feature Pump Auto-Off 1200 was £47.99 now £42.99
This feature pump from Blagdon is the most advance little pump on the market. It can produce a flow of 1200lph (enough to power most domestic water garden features). The pump has a built-in sensor to detect when water levels are dangerously low and automatically switches off (this protects the pump from damage).

PondXpert TripleAction All in One 4000

PondXpert TripleAction All in One 4000 was £69.99 now £59.99
This is the most powerful version of the bestselling TripleAction. The larger flow rate means this all-in-one pump can be used in goldfish ponds up to 4000 litres (880 gallons).
Larger flow means this unit can provide a fountain and small waterfall at the same time.

Blagdon Feature Pump Auto-Off 2000

Blagdon Feature Pump Auto-Off 2000 was £72.99 now £64.99
This is the most powerful feature pump in the Blagdon range. It is the one we would recommend as it has enough ‘oomph’ for larger features and can handle larger hose than the other models (up to 25mm).
The pump also boasts an integral flow adjuster allowing you to turn the strength of the flow of water up or down as necessary.
A unique feature of this range of pumps is they automatically switch themselves off if the water level falls too low – this prevents damage to the pump motor.

PondXpert TripleAction 4500 Evolve 11w

PondXpert TripleAction 4500 Evolve 11w was £99.99 now £79.99
The TripleAction 4500 from PondXpert is a perfect solution for ponds up to 4500 litres (1000 gallons).
The pump has a powerful flow of 2000lph and boasts an 11w UVC to combat green water problems.
This pump has an extensive filtration area to help suck up any dirt and debris from your pond.

Atlantis Double Step Pond Waterfall

Atlantis Double Step Pond Waterfall was £89.99 now £79.99
The Double Step from Atlantis is our top-selling pond waterfall. For only £79.99 you can purchase a substantially-sized watercourse complete with two ‘drops’ of water to make your pond a real talking point!
The waterfall is manufactured out of resin then crafted by hand to resemble real sandstone.
The effect is made complete by the incorporation of an inlet on the reverse of the waterfall which means water enters the fall naturally with no pond hose apparently being present.
The inlet comes with a hosetail for attachment of 20 or 25mm pond hose.

Velda Solar Floating Globes - Set Of 3

Velda Solar Floating Globes – Set Of 3 was £134.99 now £99.99
This magnificent set of solar orbs would grace any garden or outdoor space – they float too so can be used on the surface of your pond.
The lights have a number of different illuminated colours they can show and the remote control (supplied) allows access to a number of pre-programmed lighting sequences.

PondXpert Variflow 10000 Pond Pump

PondXpert Variflow 10000 Pond Pump was £169.99 now £149.99
This pump threatens a revolution in the pond pumps market. Using the weatherproof electronic controller it allows you to change the flow rate up or down.
This has a number of benefits:
Pump can be run ‘low’ at winter – ticking over at just 15 watts.
Adds an extra degree of excitement to watercourses and waterfalls.
Flow can be increased in the summer – bringing additional oxygen to your fish when they need it.