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Price reductions at PondKeeper

by John - June 10th, 2017.
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PondKeeper has cut the price of these items

PondXpert Pond And Tree Pruner 3m Length

PondXpert Pond And Tree Pruner 3m Length was £49.99 now £14.99
Keep your water garden looking its best with this combination pruner/saw.
It’s massive telescopic reach of 3m (10′) means you can reach across your pond or up to the trees without fuss. Now those troublesome hard-to-reach plants can be tamed!

Decoy Heron Pond Deterrent

Decoy Heron Pond Deterrent was £19.99 now £14.99
Keep those pesky herons away from your friendly fish with this traditional deterrent. Herons are territorial creatures so installing this replica should help you avoid visits from the real thing!

PondXpert HD Pond Net System - Telescopic Pole 3.0m PXHDNETPOLE30

PondXpert HD Pond Net System – Telescopic Pole 3.0m PXHDNETPOLE30 was £29.99 now £24.99
This wide gauge metal pole extends to a maximum length of 3.0m (10′). The attached image shows how much bigger and stronger the handle is compared to a typical domestic net.

PondXpert HD Pond Net System - Sludge Net PXHDNETHEADSL

PondXpert HD Pond Net System – Sludge Net PXHDNETHEADSL was £29.99 now £24.99
This net head is designed to be attached to the PondXpert Heavy Duty 3m Handle (available separately). It is a seriously professional piece of kit aimed squarely at the serious pondkeeper.

PondXpert HD Pond Net System - Catch Net PXHDNETHEADCT

PondXpert HD Pond Net System – Catch Net PXHDNETHEADCT was £29.99 now £24.99
The Heavy Duty or ‘HD’ pond net system from PondXpert is aimed at those pondkeepers who take the hobby a little bit more seriously.
This net head boasts scrape bar protection and the netting itself has a rubberised finish. These features prolong the life of the product.
This item is designed to fit onto the HD handle (available separately).

Blagdon PA1 Pond Air Pump

Blagdon PA1 Pond Air Pump was £32.99 now £29.49
Create a healthy oxygenated small pond with this bargain economical air-pump (210lph).Perfect for small ponds up to 2500 ltrs (500 gallons). Fish and other pond life require oxygen-rich water to remain healthy. Filter bacteria, essential to the breakdown of ammonia and nitrite, also require oxygen to flourish and keep the pond free from the build up of toxic waste.

Blagdon Enhance LED Single Spotlight

Blagdon Enhance LED Single Spotlight was £35.99 now £32.39
0.76w LED Pond Spotlight.
Cost effective way to light up a particular outdoor feature.

PondXpert ElectroAir Compact 600

PondXpert ElectroAir Compact 600 was £39.99 now £34.99
This super-value air pump is weatherproof and can be run outdoors. Perfect for a small pond up to 1200 litres (264 gallons).
It will deliver a reliable jet of air up to 600 litres per hour.
The pump comes equipped with ath of the accessories you need to get started – including fittings, hose and air stones.

Blagdon Powersafe   Two-Way Outdoor Switchbox

Blagdon Powersafe Two-Way Outdoor Switchbox was £39.99 now £35.99
Easy to fit outdoor electrical switchbox that allows you to power-up two outdoor items from a single power source. Powersafe Junction Boxes are individually fused – if one outlet blow the second will continue running.