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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - June 23rd, 2017.
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GreenFingers has cut the price of these products

Striation Terracotta Bowl Planter 12in - x 4 Multi Buy

Striation Terracotta Bowl Planter 12in – x 4 Multi Buy was £6.99 now £5.49
With a mix of classic design and eco-friendly recycled materials these distinctive Striation Bowl Planters will look stunning when placed on your patio next to a pathway or doorway or used to create a focal point in the conservatory. Features:Made with recycled materials. Hand-crafted finish. Suitable for outdoor use. Drainage hole. Made with a mixture of recycled materials these planters feature a hand finished striated design and have a similar look to heavier and more expensive stone planters. The wide design allows for plants with larger root systems or allowing plants to grow larger and more impressive while the larger lip allows for easy moving. The hand-painted exterior of these pots is weatherproof allowing you to place them anywhere in the garden without any risk of paint damage.Dimensions:Dia31 x H15.5cmVolume: 7.18 LtrCreate a feature anywhere in your home garden or conservatory with these Striation Bowl Planters.Multi-Buy Contents: 4 x Striation Bowl Planters

Levington John Innes No2 Compost 25L

Levington John Innes No2 Compost 25L was £5.99 now £5.49
Levington John Innes No2 Compost 25L is a traditional compost mix which is a free draining and open textured soil based compost which promotes optimal plant growth. Developed by Mr John Innes in the 1930

Levington Original Farm Manure 50 Litre

Levington Original Farm Manure 50 Litre was £6.99 now £6.49
This 100% soil conditioner actually adds humus and plant food to the soil. This benefit improves yields tremendously. The formula also works by breaking down the heavy clay and improving the capacity of light sandy soil. You are sure to notice an improvement in the vitality of your roses flowers fruit and vegetables. Made from 100% organic products your crops will have the best growing conditions and you will be rewarded.

Miracle-Gro Potato & Vegetable Gro-Sac Compost 50L

Miracle-Gro Potato & Vegetable Gro-Sac Compost 50L was £8.49 now £6.99
The Miracle-Gro Potato & Vegetable Gro-Sac for potatoes and root vegetables is the perfect way of growing your own at home where space is limited or on the patio. Use it for potatoes carrots parsnips beetroot and other vegetables. It is ideal for even the smallest gardens. The gro-sac is big enough for planting 5 seed potatoes.It stays upright when planted. 100% chemical free

Levington Ericaceous Compost - 50 Litre

Levington Ericaceous Compost – 50 Litre was £7.99 now £7.49
Specially formulated for growing acid-loving or lime-hating plants this Levington Ericaceous Compost is ideal for rhododendrons azaleas camellias magnolias irises and heathers to name but a few. It is the professional grower

Evergreen Super Seed - 2kg

Evergreen Super Seed – 2kg was £13.99 now £11.49
Evergreen Super Seed is used by Premier League Greenkeepers and contains a mix of coated seeds and a controlled release fertiliser.Contains a mix of coated seed: Fine Fescues Rye Grass . Controlled release fertiliser (poly-S) and gypsum. Ideal for low temperature areas. Great for sunny or shading gardens. Perfect for thin lawns and covering bald patches. Covers 66 square meters. Quantity: 2kg

Vitax Slug Gone wool pellets - 10 litres

Vitax Slug Gone wool pellets – 10 litres was £16.99 now £13.99
Slug Gone is a natural organic way to keep slugs and snails away from plants and flowers.Derived from British wool and supplied in pelleted form simply lay the pellets around the stems of plants and add water. Fibres in the pellets are an irritant to slugs and absorb moisture from the underside of the pests.Natural and organic. Repels slugs snails and cabbage root flies. Safe to use around pets and children. As an organic material Slug Gone contains naturally occurring slow release nutrients and will help feed plants and aid in retaining moisture. Contents: 10 litres of pellets

Design Toscano Leopard Frog Statue - 27cm Width

Design Toscano Leopard Frog Statue – 27cm Width was £19.99 now £16.99
The larger than life Design Tocano Leopard Frog is a highly detailed garden statue that will have visitors looking twice. This sculpt is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted one piece at a time to enhance every sculptural detail. This frog is mid-croak and features a realistic brown back with black spots and a white belly.For indoors or outdoors. Cast in quality designer resin. Highly detailed hand painted. Larger than life. This frog would fit fight in placed next to a pond or in the corner of your garden. This statue is sure to become a focal point in your home or garden. Dimensions: W27 x D20 x H23cm Weight: 1.4kg

Weedol  Rootkill Plus 1 Litre

Weedol Rootkill Plus 1 Litre was £18.98 now £16.99
This effective and easy mix liquid Weedol Rootkill Plus Concentrate provides economical control of large areas of weeds all around the garden. It gives fast-acting visible results in just 2 days and effective systemic root kill so the weeds will not come back and it degrades in soil allowing you to replant there again and can also be used on hard surfaces. One application kills most garden weeds.Children and pets can play on treated areas once dry For use from April to NovemberToxic to aquatic organismsUses:Gravel areas paths and drivesAround the base of roses ornamental shrubs trees and under hedges (providing they are established with woody bark). Take care to avoid drift! Around sheds and greenhousesAlong fences Ground clearance before autumn or spring diggingKilling old lawns before re-seeding or turfingContains:120g/l glyphosate & 0.33g/l pyraflufen-ethyl as a suspension emulsion formulationQuantity: 1 LitreCoverage: 1176 m

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