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Price reductions at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - July 3rd, 2017.
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Jersey Plants Direct reduced the price on these lines today

Geranium Balcony Trailing 12 Mega Plants

Geranium Balcony Trailing 12 Mega Plants was £10.99 now £4.99
The Perfect Choice for Your Trailing Displays!Preferring a sunny spot, these early, prolific flowering Geraniums will perform well in dry conditions and are perfect for bringing vibrant colour to your Summer displays. Geranium Balcony will provide you with a profusion of blooms in different shades of pink, purple and white which will trail beautifully from your hanging baskets and patio pots all Summer long until the first frosts.

Geranium Balcony (Trailing) 24 Mega Plants

Geranium Balcony (Trailing) 24 Mega Plants was £21.98 now £8.99
The Perfect Choice for Your Trailing Displays!Geranium Balcony offers wonderful blooms in hues of red, purple, pink and white which will flow magnificently from your hanging baskets and containers from June to October. They are very weather tolerant, making them a perfect choice for Summer garden.

Geranium Balcony (Trailing) 48 Mega Plants

Geranium Balcony (Trailing) 48 Mega Plants was £43.96 now £12.99
Perfect Choice for Hanging Baskets & Pots!A popular variety, Geranium Balcony will produce a profusion of flowers in delightful shades of red, cherry, lilac, rose, white and purple throughout the Summer. Trailing up to 40cm, they are the perfect choice for your hanging baskets, pots and window boxes. They also have added the bonus of being drought tolerant.