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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - July 6th, 2017.
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Blooming Direct has these new items today

Pair of Hardy Canary Island Date Palm trees 80-100cm tall

Pair of Hardy Canary Island Date Palm trees 80-100cm tall £24.99
Add a pair of these tropical beauties to your patio or garden to create a real holiday feel for years to come! Their unique architectural shape and spectacular fanning foliage adds instant dramatic impact to your garden. Despite their tropical origins, these superbly exotic plants thrive in the UK and are winter hardy to – 6! The distinctive, lush green foliage fans out to create wonderful shadows on your patio all year round, making these palms a stunning centrepiece for any garden or patio. They love a sunny position and are perfect for patio pots! Please note: While your palm tree will be tolerant of dry conditions when fully established, in very hot, dry weather it will need to be watered every day along with the rest of your plants. I have just received a pair of Phoenix Palms from you. They are stunning, at least as big as advertised and exceptional value for money. My first time – but I’ll be back for more. SC, June 2015

Peach Amber Patio Fruit Tree Bare Root

Peach Amber Patio Fruit Tree Bare Root £19.99
One of the best-sellers from world-leading dwarf fruit tree breeder Zaiger, Peach ‘Amber’ is a really special tree for your garden. Starting with a beautiful display of rose-pink blossom in spring, it is self-fertile so will produce crops of sumptuous juicy peaches, with a deep golden amber flesh (hence it’s name), and lovely red skins. Amazingly sweet in taste, it really is perfection in peaches, and performs really well in the UK. As with all peaches here, best results can be obtained by helping pollinate the tree by using a simple soft artist’s paintbrush, and rubbing it from flower to flower when it is in blossom. They blossom early, and there aren’t always enough bees on the move at that time of year. Keep foliage dry in spring to avoid peach Leaf Curl – under a canopy is fine. You will be rewarded with amazing crops of juicy, amber-fleshed peaches – they just taste sublime picked warm form the sun on their backs, straight form the tree.

Almond Garden Prince Patio Fruit and Nut Tree Bare Root

Almond Garden Prince Patio Fruit and Nut Tree Bare Root £19.99
If you are looking for somethinhg novel and new to grow, why not try our fabulous dwarf self-fertile Almond, called ‘Garden Prince’. It kicks off early Spring with fabulous displays of snow-white blossom – we think this alone should be a reason to grow this amazing tree. Throughout Summer, the polinated fruitlets swell and develop – their outer skins pale green and furry as they grow. From mid-Summer onwards you can pick fresh Almonds each year once established. On a dwarfing rootstock, and a compact grower, it will remain below 1.4M for 10 years or more, making it ideal to grow in a big pot on patio, decking or balcony. It does blossom early, so beware late frosts, but it will reward your curiosity with a very unusual crop of fruits.

Patio Peach tree 'Crimson' (R) bare root tree 70cm

Patio Peach tree ‘Crimson’ (R) bare root tree 70cm £19.99
A simply stunning Patio Peach tree, ‘Crimson (R) Bonfire’ has been selected for it’s unique and delightful burgundy purple foliage and red coloured peach fruits, all on a genetically dwarf tree too. Imagine relaxing on your patio in early Summer – the last of the heavenly sweet scent of Mediterranean peach blossom filling the air. Then in late August, reaching out and plucking one of your very own delicious, juicy ripe peaches! This stunning compact peach tree is so easy to grow, perfect in a pot and because it flowers later than many varieties it fruits much more successfully too. A beautifully symmetrical shaped tree, its foliage has a delightfully rich burgundy colouration. Combined with the crimson peaches it makes a particularly exotic and decorative addition to any patio. Completely winter hardy no matter how cold it gets, you can look forward to your very own harvest of home-grown peaches for years to come. TOP TIP: Peach fruit yield will be increased by keeping the fruit tree canopy dry in blossom and pollination time, such as in a greenhouse, conservatory or lean-to. Although self-fertile, using a dry small artists paintbrush to brush pollen from flower to flower will hugely increase fruit set too! This will massively reduce the curse of Peach Leaf Curl too. Patio Peach ‘Crimson (R) Bonfire’ really is a delightful little tree, for years and years of enjoyment.

Hellebore Double Queen mix - 6 x 9cm

Hellebore Double Queen mix – 6 x 9cm £14.99
The Most Beautiful Winter-Flowering Plant – and so on trend too – Hellebore Double Queen mix. Large, Ruffled & Speckled Blooms in double flowered forms. Every one is totally unique because it has come from seed! Adding delightful colour to your winter garden, these beautiful blooms, each of 2-3 diameter, are dainty to look at but incredibly tough whatever the weather! Each collection includes a mix of 6 double flowered 2 year old plants; you will get a stunning mix of colours, many with speckles and darker edges to their petals. With flowers from February – April they are a must for every Spring garden! So easy to grow, they will slowly establish into small clumps, increasing in flower number year after year – it is not uncommon to have upwards of 50 flowers in 5 years. They thrive on shade, and lower light spots, yet can be grown well in pots provided they do not dry out in summer.

Petunia Tumbelina Prsicilla - pack of 12 large plugs

Petunia Tumbelina Prsicilla – pack of 12 large plugs £14.99
The original and still the best in the British bred Tumbelina series of double ruffled Petunias, Priscilla has a hard to describe silvery to purple flower colour. With flowers borne in profusion all Summer, it is a really great basket plant for season long displays.

Exotic Canna tubers - pack of 5 Tall Mix

Exotic Canna tubers – pack of 5 Tall Mix £9.99
Cannas are one of those exotic beauties that do so much for the bright, zingy Summer garden. Their fiery hot colours of yellow, orange and red, and combinations of these, will erupt in beds and borders, adding great height and impact too. Each pack of 5 is a mix of colours, and also a mix of the green-leaves and lovely purple-leaved types, selected from taller flowering cultivars, so all will flower at 1M or more. Renowned for their tall flower spikes, grow them in large pots, or at the back of borders, in hot, sunny spots, in well-drained spots. Feed well when in growth – they will not start growing much until may, they grow away quickly as summer warms. They will over-Winter if they do not get too wet, and will benefit form a mulch – or the tubers can be dug up and stored cool over-Winter for use next year.

Cherry Garden Bing Patio Fruit Tree Bare Root

Cherry Garden Bing Patio Fruit Tree Bare Root £9.99
Have you ever wanted to grow juicy cherries in your garden, but just don’t have the space? Well now you can – with our perfect for patios Cherry ‘Garden Bing’ tree. Cherry ‘Garden Bing’ was specially bred by the Zaiger family in America – probably the world’s largest fruit tree breeders. The commercial variety ‘Bing’ Is one of the staples of the fresh cherry industry, and through breeding work they have created a very dwarf variety, still with the taste and yield of it’s parents. The beauty of ‘Garden Bing’ is it’s petite size – after 5 years or so it will still be about 1M tall.. They produce a very well-branched tree structure, so bear a lot of sweet cherries that are easy to pick and enjoy. And on top of this, you get an absolutely amazing spring blossom display too – a cloud of pure white flowers in April. These are self-fertile, so will pollinate each other, and produce deep red fruit to pick in August. The perfect fresh cherries fresh in your garden – much easier than you think.

Apricot Aprigold Patio Fruit Tree Bare Root

Apricot Aprigold Patio Fruit Tree Bare Root £9.99
Apricot ‘Aprigold’ is the fabulous patio Apricot from the world-leading Zaiger American breeding program. Naturally very compact, and yet self-fertile, it makes the ideal patio fruit tree for large pots on sunny patios, balconies and gardens. With the added benefit of lovely soft-pink early blossom, it has a lovely spring feature too, and as the new leaves emerge they have a lovely orange-red tinge to them, classic of Apricots. Remaining below 1.2M for 10 years or so, this makes it an ideal fruit tree for smaller gardens. Apricots are early fruiters even in the UK, and once established in a year or 2, you should get good crops of tasty, juicy apricots from late July into August every year.

Plum Golddust Patio Fruit Tree Bare Root 1.2m Tall

Plum Golddust Patio Fruit Tree Bare Root 1.2m Tall £9.99
Plum GoldDust is the amazing yellow fruited self-fertile Plum from the famous Zaiger patio fruit breeding program from California, producing heavy crops of golden yellow plums, yet on a very short compact tree. GoldDust is compact, and will remain below 1.8M (6ft) for 10 years or so, and is easy to grow in big pots and tubs, or direct in the garden, in a sunny spot, where the suns rays can ripen the fruit and convert as much sugar as possible for the sweetest taste.