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New products at Van Meuwen

by Sarah - July 14th, 2017.
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New items today at Van Meuwen

Magnolia 'Lucky Red' (Standard) - 1 bare root magnolia plant

Magnolia ‘Lucky Red’ (Standard) – 1 bare root magnolia plant £29.99
Large goblet shaped flowers unfurl their delicate petals in spring. Grown as a standard, this beautiful deciduous Magnolia is compact enough for a pot on the patio, or as a focal point in narrow borders. Ultimate height: 150-200cm (60-80"). Ultimate spread: 90cm (36"). Supplied as a bare root plant - height of stem supplied 1m (39").Magnolia Red Lucky Bare Root Collection includes 1 magnolia bare root plant, 1 large patio pot + saucer and 100g of incredibloom®.Useful links:How to plant trees and shrubsCulinary information: The young flowers, once separated, can be pickled and then used either on their own as a treat or in salads. For more details about edible flowers click here.

Doronicum caucasicum 'Little Leo' (Large Plant) - 1 doronicum plant in 1 litre pot

Doronicum caucasicum ‘Little Leo’ (Large Plant) – 1 doronicum plant in 1 litre pot £9.99
Doronicum ‘Little Leo’ is a compact, hardy daisy that produces a mass of bright yellow flowers from spring to late summer. The blooms are held over green, heart-shaped foliage. Leopard’s Bane is suitable for use as a cut flower, or for planting in the border or containers. Height and spread: 35cm (14"). Supplied as plug tray plants.

Penstemon 'Pensham Just Jayne' (Large Plant) - 1 penstemon plant in 1 litre pot

Penstemon ‘Pensham Just Jayne’ (Large Plant) – 1 penstemon plant in 1 litre pot £9.99
Dainty bells of rose-pink hang from curving rose-red stems, making this a delightful Penstemon for pride of place in the border. This pretty perennial works hard to give colour in the garden for an amazing five months of the year. What’s more, the foliage is semi-evergreen so it plays its part even in winter. Penstemon ‘Pensham Just Jayne’ will thrive in sun or shade and once established it can even tolerate drought. Height: 90cm (36"). Spread: 45cm (18").

Verbascum phlomoides 'Banana Custard' (Large Plant) - 1 verbascum plant in 1 litre pot

Verbascum phlomoides ‘Banana Custard’ (Large Plant) – 1 verbascum plant in 1 litre pot £9.99
Verbascum phlomoides ‘Banana Custard’ is a dramatic plant for the back of the border, with tall yellow flower spikes rising above low rosettes of grey-green foliage from June to August. Often grown as a biennial, or short-lived perennial, this striking architectural plant is prized for summer bouquets and loved by pollinating insects. Allow it to self-seed after flowering, and you’ll have a new batch of Mullein plants next spring that will flower the following year. Height: 180cm (71"). Spread: 60cm (24").

Monarda 'Pink Supreme' (Large Plant) - 1 monarda plant in 1 litre pot

Monarda ‘Pink Supreme’ (Large Plant) – 1 monarda plant in 1 litre pot £9.99
Monarda ‘Pink Supreme’ bears superb bushy pink flowers that form unique twists above clusters of sweetly fragrant foliage. Bergamot, which is often known as Beebalm, is an ideal cut flower for summer bouquets and is a well established favourite in the cottage garden. This specific variety is perfect for the front of borders due to its shorter than average habit and is ideal for attracting bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects to the garden during its long flowering period. Height: 60cm (24"). Spread: 40cm (16").Culinary information: Use the dried leaves to make Bergamot tea or use the sweet, spicy flavoured petals to enhance salads, jellies, rice or pasta dishes. For more details about edible flowers click here.