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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - July 19th, 2017.
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GreenFingers has cut the price of these items

Nippon Ant Bait Station

Nippon Ant Bait Station was £3.99 now £2.99
The Nippon Ant Bait Station is a useful device for eliminating ants from your home by addressing the issue at its heart. What makes this system such a wise product to use is that it is designed to attract worker ants who pick it up and transport it back to their colony for feeding on. Consequently destroying ants at their nest without mess or trace. Made with spinosad a popular insecticide due to its fast-acting performance the bait can be used indoors or outdoors and should be applied at the first sign of ant activity (usually early spring). Make sure to not disturb feeding ants as it is important that they collect the bait and transport it back to the colony. An effective dose is normally built up in seven to ten days This pack includes 2 x 5g Ant Bait Stations

Resolva 24H Ready To Use

Resolva 24H Ready To Use was £3.99 now £3.49
Resolva 24H Ready To Use is a revolutionary weed control that combines the speed of a contact killer with the deep down root killing activity of a systemic weedkiller

Gardena Hose Repairer

Gardena Hose Repairer was £3.79 now £3.49
For easy hose repair: just cut out the damaged section insert and the hose is back in use. Featuring convenient clamp nut design for easy grip. For 13mm (1/2”) and 15mm (5/8”) hoses.

Gardena Standard Hose Connector

Gardena Standard Hose Connector was £4.49 now £3.99
The simple and easy to use hose connector. Simple pull releases the connection. Featuring soft grip components and convenient clamp nut design. For 13mm (1/2”) & 15mm (5/8”) hoses.

Gardman FSC Wooden Pot Trolley - Round

Gardman FSC Wooden Pot Trolley – Round was £5.99 now £4.99
This good looking Gardman FSC Wooden Pot Trolley is the ideal accessory for moving your pots around a patio or decking area with ease.Made from FSC Certified wood which has been sourced from responsibly managed forests this is a sturdy trolley that will protect decking or patio slabs from staining when your pots leak water.FSC certified timberOne braked wheelMoves pots with easeThis great pot trolley will move and support pots up to 15kg so you can be sure to make the most of your patio area and giving you the ability to rearrange your planting scheme in one easy motion.Dimensions: 30cm diameter x H12cm

Bosmere Table Top Water Shedding Pole

Bosmere Table Top Water Shedding Pole was £6.49 now £5.49
The Bosmere Table Top Water Shedding Pole raises the centre of table cover so that water runs off when it rains.Made of lightweight steel tubing. Plastic moulded top cap. Ideal for tables that have no parasol hole. Ensures that water is unable to pool on top of cover. Should be placed in centre of a flat table. Rounded apex to ensure cover isn

Gardman Solar Colour Changing Wind Chimes

Gardman Solar Colour Changing Wind Chimes was £14.99 now £9.99
Wind Chimes are a lovely feature in any garden but these Gardman Solar Colour Changing Wind Chimes are just fantastic! What a fabulous focal point they make! Not only will you get the lovely tinkling sound as the wind passes through them but also a stunning visual effect at night with their gorgeous rainbow colours.With its integrated solar panel and acrylic colour changing central globe Gardman Solar Colour Changing Wind Chimes are sure to look wonderful wherever placed. Why not buy more than one and place them each side of your door to create a beautiful welcoming gesture for your visitors. Monocrystalline solar panel Fully charged AA battery includedDimensions: W17.5 x D17.5 x H26cm.We recommend the solar panel is exposed to direct sunlight for as long as possible; however at darker times of the year it is best to recharge the batteries in a rechargeable unit. Please follow the instructions.

Cole and Bright Coach String Lights - 10 Lights

Cole and Bright Coach String Lights – 10 Lights was £11.24 now £9.99
The Cole and Bright Coach String Lights are ideal for illuminating patios windows and doorways.Solar powered. Auto 8 hour on/off timer. White LEDs. Rechargeable and alkaline batteries included. Lit Length: 2.8mLead Cable: 1m Customer Note: Place in direct sunlight to ensure a full charge.

Bosmere - Large Chiminea Cover

Bosmere – Large Chiminea Cover was £16.99 now £11.99
Protect your chiminea from the elements with this Large Chiminea Cover. Made from top quality PVC backed polyester this green cover blends in well with any garden whilst protecting your chiminea at the same time. Prevents rusting in cast iron chimineas and stops moisture penetrating the surface of terracotta chimineas which can cause frost damage.Easily wipes clean Waterproof UV stabilisedWarning: do not cover the chiminea while it is lit or still hotDimensions: 61cm diameter at bottom x 21 diameter at top x 122cm high

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