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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - July 22nd, 2017.
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Dobies has these new items today

Short Balcony Planter 3

Short Balcony Planter 3 £5.00
Perfect for patios or balconies, these handy raised beds allow you to create a productive mini veg garden, and enjoy your own fresh, tasty, home-grown produce. Made from tough woven polythene with steel supporting side rods and with drainage holes around the sides and base.

Seedling Watering Can - Lilac

Seedling Watering Can – Lilac £2.00
Perfect for watering indoor pots and delicate seedlings, as well as being a great gift for the child gardener. 0.7 litre injection moulded plastic can with a removable round fine spray rose. Engineered from premier grade, recyclable plastic.

Apple Bird Feeder

Apple Bird Feeder £5.00
Made from fine English terracotta, this apple-shaped bird feeder can be filled with a variety of favourite bird foods such as chopped apple. Three large holes in the sides provide access to the food and a drainage hole in the base prevents waterlogging. Complete with strong hanging cord. Height 12cm (43/4).

Window Box Planting Bag and Natural Willow Surround

Window Box Planting Bag and Natural Willow Surround £3.00
These beautiful planters are a stylish way to grow fresh vegetables on your patio, balcony, roof terrace or windowsill! Secreted inside the natural willow surrounds are high-performance, durable planting bags with reinforced webbing handles and drainage holes. They’re simple to assemble and fold flat for winter storage.Window Box Planter: 50cm (20) x 15cm (6) x 15cm (6) high.

Heavy duty brush with hose connector

Heavy duty brush with hose connector £12.00
Strong Nylon Bristles are designed to let you thoroughly clean hard surfaces, such as patios, pathways, driveways etc. Holes along the front of the brush head will spray water exactly where youre brushing to help you clean away stubborn marks.

Lanchester Patio Planter

Lanchester Patio Planter £1.00
A decorative planter made from natural materials, ready to create an instant patio garden.Size: 26cm sqaure

Fly Trap Bag

Fly Trap Bag £15.00
Extremely effective, unique trap for most types of flies. Reusable! Catches up to 20,000 flies each time. Contains a bait for first time use. Just add water and hang up (or stand upright). Easy and fast to replenish with BSI Bait for Fly Traps. Effective biological pest control. Economical. Harmless for children, pets and the environment.

Tunnel  Polythene

Tunnel Polythene £7.50
The wire hoops are built into the cover, and the tunnels fold away concertina-style for easy storage. Drawstring feature enables open or closed ends for ventilation or maximum protection. UV stabilised clear polythene gives complete weather protection and makes the most of spring sunshine to warm the soil and bring crops on quickly. Standard Size: Length 3m (10′), Width 45cm (18), Height 40cm (18).

Mulch Mat

Mulch Mat £3.00
Protect fruit and veg from muddy splashes, deter slugs, suppresses weeds and retains moisture. Each mat is approximately 50cm (20) x 50cm (20).