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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - July 26th, 2017.
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Reduced products at GreenFingers

Resolva 24H Ready To Use

Resolva 24H Ready To Use was £3.49 now £2.99
Resolva 24H Ready To Use is a revolutionary weed control that combines the speed of a contact killer with the deep down root killing activity of a systemic weedkiller

Make Your Own Insect House

Make Your Own Insect House was £9.99 now £7.99
Create a home for bees ladybirds and insects with this Make Your Own Insect House! It could be a great project for your child who could also learn about insects in your garden at the same time. Once made you can paint it or woodstain it in the colour of your choice. It is a lovely structure that can be freestanding or you could attach it to a wall or tree the choice is yours.Some of the larger tubes are just the right size for masonry or leaf cutter bees. These bees do not swarm so there would only be a few of them using the box. The bees lay an egg in a tube put balls of pollen with it and then stop up the end of the tube with leaves or mud and in the spring the young adult eats its way out and the cycle starts over. Other insects such as ladybirds will also happily use the smaller tubes in this habitat. Ladybirds in particular provide a wonderful natural garden pest removal service by helping to get rid of aphids and other unwanted bugs. This easy to assemble kit comes in a tin made from recyclable steel and contains a wooden kit with glue bamboo tubes and even has decorative ladybirds. It would make a great gift for anyone interested in insects. CE certifiedNot suitable for very young childrenDimensions: approx. W10 x D7.8 x H11cm

Gardena Water Computer EasyControl

Gardena Water Computer EasyControl was £30.99 now £29.99
The Gardena Water Computer EasyControl – automatic garden irrigation made simple!Makes garden irrigation easier for youThe Water Computer is connected directly to the tap and reliably controls irrigation according to the selected duration and frequencyRemovable control panel to make adjustment of the settings easierAdjustment is easy

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