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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - July 27th, 2017.
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Blooming Direct added loads of new products

Rose 'Babylon Eyes' collection - 3 x 80cm half standard roses bare root

Rose ‘Babylon Eyes’ collection – 3 x 80cm half standard roses bare root £39.97
Welcome to a rose breeding breakthrough – these deliciously fruity roses are brand new on the market, and we are we believe the first in the World to get them in half standard form. After years of breeding, these stunning open centred single roses have a deep red maroon heart, the result of crossing with exotic Persian Rose species. The results are a cocktail of tutti frutti colours, even on one plant. A much less formal rose flower style, their open centres are a magnet for bees, their ever-changing flower colours provide long season interest, especially in half standard form. You will get one each of: ‘Sunshine’ is a tropical mix of red, orange and warm yellows, the flowers change as they age, and through the season, as cold nights draw in, darkening the colours. ‘Cream’ is a lovely pure cream, just like vanilla ice cream, splashed burgundy red in the centre eye, slowly fading paler as they age. ‘Queen Pink’ is a classic berry pink, with darker purple centre eye, which softens to paler pink. When you offered three half standard Persica roses for sale, I couldn’t resist. I had already fallen for the single flowers of For your Eyes Only, voted rose of the year 2015. The vivid central eye had been achieved after thirty years of breeding work from the original wild persica rose that grows in Iran. These half standards in varying shades of cream, yellow and pink all have this deep red eye, with petals that change in hue as they age. My own plants have made a spectacular show in their very first year and I do recommend them to rose lovers for their charm and long flowering period. Gentle scent too. Nikki Abramson, September 2016

Climbing Rose bush Collection - 3 varieties bare root

Climbing Rose bush Collection – 3 varieties bare root £17.99
Nothing beats the sight and scent of traditional English climbing roses dripping form an archway or pergola, churning out flowers for 4 months through the Summer, and producing a fabulous fragrance wafting on the breeze, especially on warm days. Perfect for climbing up to 2m up trellises, arches, walls or fences, these bare root roses will produce their first displays this summer. You will get one each of : Dublin Bay – a sumptuous red double, very-free flowering and quite thorn free Golden Showers – bright sunshine yellow Zepherine Drouhin – vibrant pink

Rose 'Blue Beauty' half standard 90cm tall bare root

Rose ‘Blue Beauty’ half standard 90cm tall bare root £14.99
This distinctive rose variety has the most entrancing flower colour imaginable and one that is rarely seen in the whole rose genus. What is more, in this particular instance the beautiful blooms are held gracefully aloft on a strong ‘Standard’ stem with a ball of lush foliage that will become covered in blooms that stand proud above the rest of your patio displays. Flowering throughout the summer months it will be a major talking point within your patio garden and makes a perfect centre piece of any patio container, bed or border. As with all of our Patio Standard Roses, Blue Beauty is incredibly easy to care for – it is repeat flowering, totally winter hardy and perennial so it will create it’s breathtaking display year after year. Supplied as a dormant but freshly lifted bare root Half Standard that is 80cm tall. Keep the plant cool and the roots thoroughly moist until planting and once planted, water every few days for the first month whatever the weather. To ensure your rose gets away to the best possible start, whether planted in a pot or directly in to the soil, we strongly recommend providing support with a stout cane until the roots are fully established. When your rose is flowering, normally from May until October each year, occasionally remove any spent blooms and feed fortnightly with good quality soluble plant food with a high potash content. This will make the display look even more attractive and also encourage the maximum display for the longest period. YouGardens’ very own formulation of McDermott’s Finest Fertiliser is perfect for this and is proven to give fabulous flowering displays. Prune just once each year in February, merely tidying up the head into a symmetrical ball shape.

Daffodil Bulbs - Short Mixed -Pack of 100

Daffodil Bulbs – Short Mixed -Pack of 100 £12.99
Daffodils blowing in the breeze are a true sign that spring is approaching! Heralding the arrival of spring, these bright bloomers are a must for everyone, with flowers from February until April. They are perfect for pots, planters, beds and borders, and will also make wonderful cut flower displays! Leave the bulbs in the ground after the flowers have died back, and they’ll reward you with bigger, better displays, each year for many years to come.

Fritillaria meleagris (Snakeshead Fritillary) x 75 bulbs

Fritillaria meleagris (Snakeshead Fritillary) x 75 bulbs £12.99
A stunning mix of colours from purple to white, fritillaria meleagris is also known as Snakeshead due to its unusual markings. With their beautiful checkerboard flowers, these hardy, easy to grow wild flowers are perfect for shady borders or under trees. Their dainty nodding flowers will appear in April, and last several weeks. Plant in groups in grass, or under trees, for a gorgeous natural look. Very easy to care for. Slow growing, so will not take over. Ht 20cm or so.

Oriental Poppy Collection x 5 bare roots

Oriental Poppy Collection x 5 bare roots £12.99
One of the iconic cottage garden perennials, yet with origins far away. The classic large flowered Poppy with its characteristic black blotch in the centre, followed by statuesque seed heads that add longer season interest, are a real low maintenance, easy plant. Best started from bare roots in autumn and earty spring, this mix of shades will include reds, oranges, pink and whites, and more. Be bold and plant them randomly, or if you prefer to see what colour they flower, grow in a 15cm (6′) pot for the first few months, and see what shades you get. A very tough, hardy and robust prernnial, dies back under ground each winter, and emerges bigger and better for years to come.

Eremurus 'Ruiter Hybrids' (Foxtail Lily) plant- pack of 3 roots

Eremurus ‘Ruiter Hybrids’ (Foxtail Lily) plant- pack of 3 roots £12.99
It’s not hard to see wy these are called ‘Foxtail Lilies’ – their huge long flower spikes are a dusky orange to red colour, and like a fluffy Fox’s brush! ‘Ruiter Hybriods’ were one of the first series to be bred, and contain a mix of shades, being raised from seed. They cover yellow, coppers and reds, to pink and creamy white, and all shades in between. They are grown for their amazing statuesque tall flower spikes borne in high Summer they add a classic Cottage garden feel and height to any mixed border garden. They do make stunning cut flowers too in a vase, and will establish into slow-spreading clumps every year. Often perceived as tricky to grow, the secret is in planting well. Although they are roots, they need to be buried like bulbs, with the roots well spread out. Ensure they have plenty of Winter drainage, but good sun and warmth in Summer.

Indoor Narcissi 'Paperwhite' bulbs x10

Indoor Narcissi ‘Paperwhite’ bulbs x10 £9.99
A superb indoor or outdoor variety that produces a mass of very sweetly scented, multi-headed flowers. It will reliably flower 6-8 weeks from planting indoors so makes a wonderful gift! Height 40cm (16). Plant close toegther in pots for maximum impact. Why not grow some for flowers at Christmas??

Tulip bulbs - Tall 'Triumph'  Mix - pack of 50

Tulip bulbs – Tall ‘Triumph’ Mix – pack of 50 £9.99
A great mixture of taller tulips approx. 45-50cm tall to give you a kaleidoscope of spring colour. They are incredibly versatile, very strong and sturdy and show off the classic, much loved tulip shape. Perfect for growing in beds and borders, this mix is an all-in-one solution to adding vibrant spring colour to your garden next year – maximum impact with minimum effort! We’ve put together a stunning mix of colour to create a real rainbow of tulips to stand loud and proud in your beds, borders or containers next year without you having to do anything other than plant and water. Tulips are one of the most popular bulbs, as they are are great planted with many different colour variations to give a fresh, vibrant spring colour to your garden, patio or decking but they also make great cut flowers to brighten up the house. Plant in autumn for stunning spring displays.