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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - August 8th, 2017.
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New products added today at Dobies

Begonia Plant - Star Bright

Begonia Plant – Star Bright £6.40
This is a compact plant with medium sized leaves that have a combination of red and burgundy colouring with a hint of green on the leaf margin. Height 51-60cm (20-24).

Begonia Plant - Silver Spirit

Begonia Plant – Silver Spirit £6.40
A bushy habit sees this begonia growing to about 50-60cm (20-24) in height. The mostly silver coloured leaves have a dark central star which is complemented by a dark picotee edge.

Begonia Plant - Satin Starburst

Begonia Plant – Satin Starburst £6.40
A multitude of colours combine to cover the foliage of this new begonia. At the centre of each leaf the black star sits over the large splash of red. Leaves are medium sixed with a spiral at the heart. Height 51-60cm (20-24).

Begonia Plant - Red Tempest

Begonia Plant – Red Tempest £6.40
The leaf veins are painted dark green and the leaf blade is pale in colour contrasting with a large red heart at its centre. A tall variety growing with large leaves. Height 51-60cm (20-24).

Begonia Plant - Pink Twist

Begonia Plant – Pink Twist £6.40
A large leafed and majestic plant. The leaves have a pink central heart with a pale border finishing in a dark burgundy fringe. Height 51-60cm (20-24).

Begonia Plant - Star Light

Begonia Plant – Star Light £6.40
A beautiful compact begonia with silver shimmering leaves. The burgundy and pink stain on the veins and edges of the leaves define their undulating texture and shape. Height 51-60cm (20-24).

Begonia Plant - Rosy Jewel

Begonia Plant – Rosy Jewel £6.40
This is a compact variety with medium/small leaves that are rounded with a swirl in their centre. A mature plant will form a tight mound. Height 51-60cm (20-24).