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Protect your allotment property

by Diane - September 21st, 2017.
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One of these might be just the thing for fixing all your tools together. It’ll only work on D handle tools, and items you can loop it through. I will be writing about allotment thefts very shortly and what we can do to help reduce the risk!

Ten years ago, the worst that could happen to your garden was that someone might dig up a couple of your prize geraniums. But now, green fingered thieves are much more cunning and come with machinery able to take a BBQ, lawnmower or your favourite gnome.
Master Lock’s legendary 90-year heritage and continued pursuit of excellence ensures its comprehensive range of security products offer the highest levels of strength, reliability and functionality on the market. The security specialist is so commonplace in the US that ‘Master’ is now a byword for ‘padlock’. The founder of the company even helped the world renowned escapologist Harry Houdini devise his acts  in the 1920s.
The Python adjustable locking cable from Master Lock is 1.8m long and 8mm in diameter, ensuring it can coil around furniture of various sizes. This useful garden gadget is constructed using a 100% steel braiding plus is weather tough and rust resistant; whether it is Mother Nature or a pesky burglar your garden furniture and plants will be safe. Similar to a bike lock, but much stronger, simply loop the sturdy cable around a gas canister or ladder and attach to the nearby fence or shed.
There is never not a perfect time to secure your garden furniture. But if you are going away over the summer or preparing to pack up your garden for the winter months, now is the time to act!
Garden theft is big business in the UK with some £4 billion of furniture, plants, paving stones and wildlife stolen each year, a rough estimate published by The Telegraph in 2016.
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