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My allotment

by Diane - October 4th, 2017.
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Allotment covered in nasturtiums

This yeah my allotment looks really green. You can’t see some of the paths because the nasturtiums have took over. They’re looking really lush and green and they have spread and spread.
I should be out there clearing them away but the flowers are full of bees – both bumbles and honey bees so I’m leaving them as is for now.
When the first frost wilts them I’ll go and pile them up on my compost heap – which is also covered in them.
I quite like their ground cover aspect but the leeks might not feel the same way.

Next year I’m going to pull them all out in July and then see my plot more empty at this time of year. I imagine I’ll get a lot self-seed again like they do. Which is fine. I wouldn’t mind one of two plants but I think they’ve got a bit crazy now. On the bright side they are edible and you can use the leaves and flowers in salads. They are very peppery though so you don’t need many. They might be good in a saag but I’ve never cooked any yet! Maybe this year.

The stick with a bottle on is just a short cane. There’s a borage plant there that’s doing really well too.