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Price reductions at Blooming Direct

by John - October 13th, 2017.
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Blooming Direct has cut the price of these products

Pack of 12 Trailing Ivy Plug Plants includes 'Ester' and 'Golden Child'

Pack of 12 Trailing Ivy Plug Plants includes ‘Ester’ and ‘Golden Child’ was £14.99 now £7.49
Finding year round foliage colour for mixed planters and baskets, especially for Autumn and Winter colour is a significant challenge – but variegated Ivies are the perfect foil to many plants. Their thuggish green relatives may take over, but these are far better behaved, and make the perfect addition to hanging baskets, planters and tubs, gently cascading down over the sides. You will get 6 plugs (each with 2 plants in) of ‘Ester’, a silver white edged variegated form, and 6 of ‘Golden Child’, with golden yellow edging, each offering a subtle contrast to pale and stronger colours, Summer or Winter, rain or shine. Slow growing, trim to shape, they can become the permanent features in tubs year after year, as you change the seasonal colour with them.

Fragrant Climbing Plant Collection - 6 plugs

Fragrant Climbing Plant Collection – 6 plugs was £19.99 now £9.99
The complete Climbing Plant collection is the easy way to cover unsightly objects and add colour to your garden all year long with this fantastic collection of climbers! Perfect for brightening up bare walls, banks, sheds, carports, pergolas or growing on trellises, each of these tough and vigorous plants will come alive each year between late spring and autumn, bursting with a range of pinks, purples and yellow flowers. Not only that, these climbers will fill your garden with delightful sweet scent! Hardy, they will come back year after year, yet are easy to manage, simply cut back to size or trim each Autumn. You will get one each of the varieties: Clematis montana rubens – gorgeous deep pink flowers in early Spring Jasminum beesianum – tiny pink star-shaped flower Clematis montana Mayleen – large soft pink early summer flowers Lonicera japonica repens (Honeysuckle) – creamy white and purple flowers, very fragrant Lonicera halliana (Honeysuckle) – amazing yellow & red flowers – highly fragrant Jasminium stephanense. Large deep pink blooms Note – contents may vary in season, you will get 5 of these listed in each collection though.

Hardy Japanese Anemone Perennial Plant Collection 3 Colours in 9cm Pots

Hardy Japanese Anemone Perennial Plant Collection 3 Colours in 9cm Pots was £14.99 now £9.99
These stunning plants will light up your garden with breathtaking late displays! Perfect for beds and borders, they will produce an abundance of large, pretty flowers just when others in your garden are starting to fade. Each will rise up from the attractive foliage and open up to show elegant, satin-like petals and a bright yellow contrasting centre. They will look brilliant in mixed or herbaceous borders, in any partly shaded area. Leave them in the ground over winter, under a good layer of mulch, and you will be rewarded with bigger, better displays for many years. Varieties included in this collection, two of which have been awarded the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit: Whirlwind – Graceful, pure-white flowers on long stems. Prinz Heinrich AGM – Incredibly vivid pink blooms Queen Charlotte AGM – Large light pink flowers.

Allium Flower Bulb Collection - 100 bulbs in 7 varieties

Allium Flower Bulb Collection – 100 bulbs in 7 varieties was £19.99 now £14.99
A wonderful selection of 100 outstanding Allium bulbs, these are sure to create an explosion of colour and provide spectacular displays for your garden, patio or decking. The mix of varieties is ideal for the amateur gardener as they are very tough and hardy, making them extremely easy to look after. This collection will also provide ideal cut flowers sure to brighten up your home. This collection includes: 5 Allium nigrum – With their white, globe-shaped flower heads sitting above broad, ornamental, blue-green leaves these wonderful alliums will look simply stunning in wherever you plant them in your garden. 7 Allium christophii – Giant lilac almost solid spheres of flowers stand majestically on long stems above deep green leaves each spring. 7 Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ –  with its enormous bright purple spherical flower heads stand tall on thin stems above deep-green leaves. Related to onions (but dont eat them!) they are very tough and hardy and they are great for beginners. 6 Nectaroscordum siculum – An unusual relation to the allium family, Nectaroscordum Siculum can produce up to 30 hanging flowers from each bulb. 25 Allium ‘Drumsticks’ – delicate, small purple tinged flowers on long, tall straight stems. Plant en masse for maximum effect in pots or garden. 25 Allium moly – a yellow sparkler of a flower head, a more wild and natural looking small variety for front of borders. 25 Allium neopolitanum – lovely white smaller sparkler flowers, sometimes tinged blush pink in cool, plant together for maximum effect.