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New products at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - October 19th, 2017.
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Jersey Plants Direct has these new lines today

Pansy Colourburst (Autumn) 140 Ready Plants

Pansy Colourburst (Autumn) 140 Ready Plants £29.98
Our Best Selling Mixed Coloured Pansy!Pansy Colourburst is an outstanding performer producing an abundance of large flowers in a mix of orange, yellow, pink, white, red, blue and purple shades. This variety offers a fantastically long flowering period from Autumn right through to Spring.

Raspberry Ruby Beauty 3 x 9cm pots

Raspberry Ruby Beauty 3 x 9cm pots £21.95
The World’s First Compact Rasberry!A breeding breakthrough, Raspberry Ruby Beauty is a thornless, dwarf variety which is perfect for patio pots or smaller gardens. Heavy cropping, it will produce hundreds of delicious tasting fruits – you can expect up to 1.5kg of fruits from a single plant!