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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - October 20th, 2017.
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New lines at Blooming Direct

Kangaroo Paws (Anigozanthos) Pastel Bush Gems x3 plants in 10.5cm Pots in flower

Kangaroo Paws (Anigozanthos) Pastel Bush Gems x3 plants in 10.5cm Pots in flower £29.99
For a real taste of the unusual look no further than Kangaroo Paws or Anigozanthos to give them their botanic name. Hailing from Australia these ‘Bush Gems’ are the result of extensive breeding work from the wild form which now gives a series of brightly coloured perennials which will thrive in the UK climate and flower and flower all summer. Bush Gems have sword like foliage which is covered in downy hairs giving a soft furry look and feel and has no aged yellow leaves unlike some border plants.  One look at the unique multi headed 60cm flower stems and you can see where the name Kangaroo Paws comes from.  This is a lovely plant for a sunny border and has good drought tolerance once establish in the garden. They are great in containers too but they need plenty of water, despite their exotic looks. You’ll get a great display with blooms over three to four months in summer followed by another flush through autumn. Collection contains one each of Bush Diamond (white), Bush Pearl (pink) and Bush Pizzazz (magenta) Take a look at our partner site for more hints, tips and growing suggestions and a glimpse into what is in the pipeline for the future.  

Hardy Cotton Palm (Washingtonia) 1M in 20cm pot

Hardy Cotton Palm (Washingtonia) 1M in 20cm pot £19.99
This exotic palm is sure to turn your garden in to a tropical paradise for years to come! Tough and architectural, these palms will make a striking addition to any garden, with their spiky foliage creating vivid, dancing shadows in the summer sun. They have large, deeply ridged, fan-shaped leaves that will spread luxuriously out above the stout trunk, forming an impressive canopy of bright green foliage. Commonly called Cotton Palms because of their wisps of ‘cotton’ like strands that fall from each leaf, they provide a wonderful spectacle in any setting. Growing as tall as you let them, these stunning palms are perfect as a centrepiece, or to add height to borders. They’ll also look great in a large pot on your patio!

Set of 3 Tabletop Snowy Christmas Trees 25cm tall

Set of 3 Tabletop Snowy Christmas Trees 25cm tall £19.99
Get into the festive mood with these wonderful, decorated mini Christmas trees! They are so cute, a miniature of the real thing! At just 20-25cm tall, they are perfect for instant windowsill or table top displays, or perhaps for an easy to look after tree in the children’s bedrooms. Each pot grown real Christmas tree is given a dusting of magical fake snow, for a real traditional festive feel. Not only that, they are supplied ready to display in an attractive red zinc pot, and complete with miniature decorations! Just unpack, and they are ready to go. The perfect living decoration – if kept watered indoors this Christmas, they can be planted outside, and will grow slowly over many years – the snow will of course wash off in the rain, but perhaps if planted in a bigger pot, can be brought inside each year and re-decorated. The perfect and easy to look after living Tree gift or decoration this year. Note – exact decoration may vary.

Polyanthus 'Crescendo Mix' pack 12 jumbo plugs

Polyanthus ‘Crescendo Mix’ pack 12 jumbo plugs £12.99
The latest and best Polyanthus around; a ‘multiflora’ variety and therefore incredibly prolific in flowering displays, fully winter hardy and will flower non-stop from midwinter through to late May every year. The foliage is lusciously deep-green, allowing the bright fragrant blooms to stand out brilliantly on their strong stems and for you to even take some cut posies of flower if you want to! Easy to grow, they work best in sunny or lightly shaded spots in tubs, baskets and planters, or the front of garden borders. Height 25cm (10).

Hydrangea 'Miss Saori' plant in 9cm pot

Hydrangea ‘Miss Saori’ plant in 9cm pot £9.99
The amazing Hydrangea that everyone is talking about!! Forget those dull seaside displays of blues and pinks, ‘Miss Saori’ is something different. And this was recognised when she won the Best Plant 2014 at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Such has been her popularity that stock is very scarce indeed, but we have secured just a few hundred of these sought-after plants for our customers again this year. So what is all the fuss about? Well, each flower is fully double, which is unusual for Hydrangeas. To top this, each petal looks sugar-coated with lipstick pink edging,  fading subtly to the centre, creating a wonderful effect when the huge flowerhead is seen. Bred in Japan by the world’s premier Hydrangea hybridiser, ‘Miss Saori’ also repeat flowers, as she flowers on both young and old wood – this removes many of the conundrums of pruning, making it easier to manage, and longer flowering than conventional types. As if this was not enough, as cooler autumn approaches, and the final flowers blossom, the leaves turn burgundy purple, presenting the perfect foil for the flowers. Be one of the very few who can grow this so early in it’s life, it is set to be an exceptionally successful variety.

Set of 3 Honeyberry 'Balalaika' hardy plants in 9cm pots

Set of 3 Honeyberry ‘Balalaika’ hardy plants in 9cm pots £9.99
Now you can pick this brand new and delicious summer superfruit from your own garden! This amazing Honeyberry is a type of sweet honeysuckle produces some of the healthiest fruits around, and best of all they taste great! The sweet, juicy fruits have a melt-in-the-mouth flavour that is similar to blackberries, with a hint of kiwi! They are rich in super-healthy vitamins and minerals, and contain even more antioxidants than blueberries! Simply wonderful in sauces, puddings, jams, jellies and desserts, you can even pick them straight from the bush for a yummy, healthy snack. These unusual and interesting additions to your fruit garden are self-fertile, and will produce their dark-blue, strange-looking, elongated fruits in abundance from this summer onwards, giving you bigger crops each year! Whats more, they have gorgeous berries and elegant, mid-green foliage, and they will look great in patio pots!

Dwarf Pomegranate bush 14cm

Dwarf Pomegranate bush 14cm £9.99
A highly attractive feature tree with the added bonus of producing glossy, versatile fruits in autumn each year! With deep green foliage and bright orange flowers in summer, it will look great in your garden for years to come. The leathery skinned, glossy fruits ripen in the sun each summer and have a wonderfully sharp flavour. The fruits can be used in cooking sweet or savoury and taste great when made into refreshing, fragrant pomegranate juice! They are super-healthy, and packed with antioxidants. Pomegranate bushes love hot summers and your bush will thrive in a sunny spot it is perfect for a patio pot. It is completely hardy and will easily tolerate our British winters.

Holly Bush - Ilex 'JC van Tol' 1L

Holly Bush – Ilex ‘JC van Tol’ 1L £7.99
If you want holly berries guaranteed for your Christmas decorations grown at home in your own garden then the classic variety ‘JC van Tol’ is the best variety to grow as it is entriely self-fertile. Typically hollies have male and female plants, the females producing the berries once their spring flowers have been pollinated. This variety has both flower types on the same tree, so guarantees berry crops. Nothing beats the iconic sight of spiky evergreen leaves and red berries, and with this easy-care evergreen shrub, you will have year round interest too. Can be grown in pots as it is slow growing and very hardy – make space in your garden for some holly!

Systemic Fungus Control RTU 1L

Systemic Fungus Control RTU 1L £5.99
A convenient and useful fungicide, which controls most commonly occurring rusts, mildews and rose blackspot, which can cause significant reductions in crops, flowers and plant health if untreated. If diseases are found, simply pull the trigger and squirt them, knowing the job is done. Rapid acting formulation.