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New products at Harrod Horticultural

by John - October 24th, 2017.
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New items at Harrod Horticultural

Original Root Assassin Shovel (48)

Original Root Assassin Shovel (48) £55.00
The 48 Original Root Assassin Is The Perfect Tree And Root Saw, Designed For Cutting Out Old Roots And Bushes As Well As Transplanting And Trimming Trees.perfect For Clearing Overgrown Areas Of Garden, Landscape And Forest. The All-purpose Shovel And Saw With Serrated Edges On Both Sides, Has A Unique Ability To Cut Roots Quickly And Easily Whilst Digging.the Engineered Bone Structure Steel Shaft Adds Rigidity And Strength Without Adding Weight. The Patented Teeth Cut Roots While Pushing In And Again While Pulling Out. Teeth Can Be Sharpened With A Wheel Grinder Or By A Specialistoften Imitated But Never Duplicated, This Is The Original Root Assassin Shovel And Saw Combination Tool. 16 Double Edged Sharp Serrated Teeth On Each Sidequality Commercial Grade Carbon Steel Constructiondurable Comfort D Grip Rubber Handleridged Step For Secure Foot Placementlength 1.2m/48″ Weight 1.8kg/4lbs

Link-a-bord Kits And Components

Link-a-bord Kits And Components £22.95
The Link-a-bord Plastic Raised Beds Are An Ingenious Modular Raised Bed System Made In The Uk From Recycled Black Plastic, Quick To Build, Maintenance Free And With A 20+ Year Life Expectancy.available In A Choice Of Two Sizes (0.5m X 1m 1m X 1m), Complete Link-a-bord Kits Include The 15cm Deep Recycled Black Plastic Double-skinned Planks, Straight/corner Links, Plastic Dowels And Cover Caps For A Perfect Finish.all The Link-a-bord Components Are Available Separately Allowing You To Create Your Own Raised Bed Layout, With 0.5m And 1m Planks, Straight And Corner Links, Plastic Dowels, Cover Caps And Braces Which We Advise Using On All Beds Over 1m Long And 2 Beds High To Prevent Bowing.if Creating A Bed That Is Two Or Three Tiers In Height, Do Not Cut The Dowels Flush With The Boards As Shown In The Video. Leave The Length Of Them As They Are Until You Have Added Your Required Tiers. Once This Has Been Done, You Can Then Cut The Dowels Flush.we Recommend The 1m Internal Support Braces – Which Are Not Included With The Kits But Are Available Separately – On Assemblies Of 1.5m And Over And Extra Height Beds To Enhance The Aesthetics Of The Product. If You Do Not Wish To Use The Support Braces There Maybe Slight Bowing Of The Beds But This Will In No Way Affect Their Functionality. To Fit The Support Brace The Straight Connectors Will Need To Have A Hole Drilled In Them To Hook The Support Braces Inside. extra Value Sets Buy Link-a-bord Pack Of 2 And Save Up To 5!link-a-bord Is A Uk Made Plastic Modular Raised Bed Systemsimple To Construct Connectors And Planks Simply Slot Together And Are Secured By Dowelsmaintenance Free, Fade, Frost And Rot Proofmade From Recycled Black Plasticcomplete Kits Available In 4 Sizes: 0.5m X 1m; 1m X 1m; 1m X 2m And 1m X 3m – All Measurements Are The Internal Bed Dimensionsextra Value 2 Packs Also Available Save Up To 5components Are Also Available Separately So You Can Create Any Layoutdouble-skinned Planks