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Price reductions at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - October 24th, 2017.
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Reduced items at Jersey Plants Direct

Pansy Colourburst 70 Ready Plants

Pansy Colourburst 70 Ready Plants was £14.99 now £7.49
Our Best Selling Mixed Coloured Pansy!Large colourful blooms in hues of orange, blue, red, pink, white, yellow and purple, sit perfectly above the mid-green foliage. This Pansy will flower for months on end, starting in Autumn until the severe frost and then springing back to life when the temperature rises. Pansy Colourburst is perfect for your beds, borders and containers for its sheer beauty and long flowering habit.

Pansy Colourburst (Autumn) 140 Ready Plants

Pansy Colourburst (Autumn) 140 Ready Plants was £29.98 now £11.99
Our Best Selling Mixed Coloured Pansy!Pansy Colourburst is an outstanding performer producing an abundance of large flowers in a mix of orange, yellow, pink, white, red, blue and purple shades. This variety offers a fantastically long flowering period from Autumn right through to Spring.

Pansy Colourburst 280 Ready Plants

Pansy Colourburst 280 Ready Plants was £59.96 now £17.99
A prolific flowering pansy with a long flowering periodPansy Colourburst offers a huge amount of colour and now is offered in greater numbers and a better deal. Take advantage of this to make your bedding stand out with a plethora of colours. These will last from Autumn all the way through to Spring.