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New products at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - October 26th, 2017.
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Jersey Plants Direct has these new products today

Perennial Mixed Collection 12 Jumbo Plants

Perennial Mixed Collection 12 Jumbo Plants £33.98
Jumbo Sized Premium PerennialsThese perennials are perfect to create an herbaceous border. You will receive 12 plants picked at random from the collection varieties but this does mean that you may have some that are the same variety. In any case you won’t be disappointed with any one of these incredible varieties.

Primrose Rosebud 12x9cm Pot Plants

Primrose Rosebud 12x9cm Pot Plants £24.99
Early flowering and great for a house plantStarting in late winter the Primrose Rosebud will bloom throughout Spring. Pre planted in 9cm pots meant for placing around the house, garden or patio.

Primula Auricula Rainbow 12x9cm Pot Plants

Primula Auricula Rainbow 12x9cm Pot Plants £24.99
Fully Frost Hardy with Dramatic Spring ColourFully Frost hardy with plenty of colour to stand out in Spring. So get ready for next year with this value for your money pack of 12 9cm pots with pre planted Primula Auricula Rainbow.

Primrose Rosebud 6x12cm Pot Plants

Primrose Rosebud 6x12cm Pot Plants £16.99
Early flowering and great for a house plantAn early flowering variety with beautiful multiple single coloured blooms. The Primrose Rosebuds are pre planted in 12 cm pots so that you can place and transplant them as you see fit.

Primrose Rosebud 6x9cm Pot Plants

Primrose Rosebud 6x9cm Pot Plants £14.99
Early flowering and great for a house plantThe Primrose Rosebud will offer all it has as soon as possible, with an early flowering start that carries on to Spring. Now in these 9cm pots that you can place at your own leisure.