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New products at GreenFingers

by John - October 27th, 2017.
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New items added today at GreenFingers

Bamboo Bee House

Bamboo Bee House £8.49
Help save our bees with this fabulous natural Bamboo Bee House! Bees are gentle creatures that pollinate flowers and should be every gardener’s friend. Now you can return the favour and encourage our little friends to your garden. It is a terrific environmentally home framed in wood with a metal roof that is perfect for bees and other garden insects and can be easily hung from a tree using the chain provided.To attract bees simply hang from a tree facing the morning sun. Some of the larger tubes are just the right size for masonry or leaf cutter bees. These bees do not swarm so there would only be a few of them using the box. The bees lay an egg in a tube put balls of pollen with it and then stop up the end of the tube with leaves or mud and in the spring the young adult eats its way out and the cycle starts over. Other insects such as ladybirds will also happily use the smaller tubes in this habitat. Ladybirds in particular provide a wonderful natural garden pest removal service by helping to get rid of aphids and other unwanted bugs.Dimensions: W12 x D15 x H21cm

15m Gardman Galvanised Steel Lawn Edging Roll - H16.5cm

15m Gardman Galvanised Steel Lawn Edging Roll – H16.5cm £39.99
This easy-install lawn edging is made from galvanised steel metal which is designed to be rust and strimmer proof. Corrugated for additional strength and flexibility this edging will be ideal for edging paths borders and to protect lawn edges from erosion or damage. Dimensions:Each Roll is 5m x 16.5cm highPlease note: this edging can form right angles.Please click here for more ideas from our Lawn Edging Department.

Bell Cloche 23cm Diameter - 3 Pack

Bell Cloche 23cm Diameter – 3 Pack £7.49
These Bell Cloches are coverings for protecting plants from cold temperatures.Protect your tender plants from frost insects and birds all year round. Made from clear rigid plastic with an adjustable vent on the top for easy ventilation and humidity control. Ideal for Hydroponic and Aeroponic systems. Dimensions: W26 x D26 x H20cm

Fallen Fruits 4 Pair Victorian Cast Iron Boot Rack

Fallen Fruits 4 Pair Victorian Cast Iron Boot Rack £79.99
This Victorian Cast Iron Boot Rack combines practicality with a fantastic design. It is really sturdy and heavy so it will not topple over and looks great wherever you place it. There is a handy ledge at the top to pop other gardening items on and 4 sets of prongs to place your wellies on and if that was not enough there is even a boot scraper in the middle.No more need to rummage in cupboards for your wellies or to have wet and dirty boots lying around now you can keep them in one neat area and they will dry properly as well. A lovely rustic addition to your household that is great value too.Easy self assemblyIndoor use onlyDimensions: W64 x D34 x H76cmWeight: 16kg

Ambassador Galvanised Mini Garden Incinerator - 42cm Height

Ambassador Galvanised Mini Garden Incinerator – 42cm Height £12.99
The Ambassador Galvanised Mini Garden Incinerator is the ideal way to get rid of garden waste in an easy and controlled fashion.Constructed from galvanised steel. Burn garden waste safely. Smoke controlling flue. Removable lid with handle. Easy to move using the side handles. Ventilated to provide efficient combustion. 3 stable legs. Dimensions: W25.5 X D25.5 x H42cm Customer note: This item gets very hot and should only be moved and emptied once cool.

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