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Price reductions at Blooming Direct

by John - October 29th, 2017.
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Reduced price on products today at Blooming Direct

Tulip bulbs "Washington" pack of 15

Tulip bulbs "Washington" pack of 15 was £4.99 now £2.99
These eye-catching yellow petals are feathered with a rich red streak that seems like it is painted on – hence the family name ‘Rembrandt’ tulips. They’re suprisingly tough and weather resistant and are a cross between early and late flowering varieties which gives them the added benefit of an extended flowering period. You’ll get strong and long-lasting displays in the garden but you’ll also be able to create the most beautiful indoor displays by cutting, bringing indoors and displaying in vases on windowsills and mantelpieces. Tulips are one of the most popular bulbs as they are perfect for planting with many different colour variations, giving your garden, patio or decking a vibrant spring makeover. They also make great cut flowers to brighten up the house! Plant in autumn for stunning spring displays.

Tulip bulbs 'Blue Diamond' pack of 12

Tulip bulbs ‘Blue Diamond’ pack of 12 was £4.99 now £2.99
Also called a ‘Peony Tulip’ because of the striking resemblence to the double flowers of a peony, ‘Blue Diamond’ has huge violet-purple blooms which open early and last longer than many other varieties. Tulips are one of the most popular bulbs as they are perfect for planting in a mix of different colours to create vibrant spring displays in your garden, patio or decking and they also make great cut flowers to brighten up the house. These blousy tulips are particularly special as a cut flower as they are quite different and unique – why not give a bunch as a gift to a friend or family member on a special day? Although easy to grow and care for, double tulips, with their heavy flowers, are slightly more vulnerable to wind so choose a sheltered spot away from any harsh weather conditions and plant in autumn for stunning spring displays.

Crocus bulbs 'Large flowered White' pack of 20

Crocus bulbs ‘Large flowered White’ pack of 20 was £4.99 now £2.99
Large-flowered Crocus, the name says it all! Providing a striking pure white colour these are highly recommended. Great for pots and containers in the garden or on your balcony. They come back every year and are perfect for planting under shrubs and trees.

Hyacinth bulbs 'Woodstock' pack of 8

Hyacinth bulbs ‘Woodstock’ pack of 8 was £4.99 now £2.99
Hyacinths are usually thought of as indoor bulbs, but they are very easy and reliable outdoors too. When planted in beds or borders, they will fill your garden with powerful fragrance each April and of course their majestic flowers can be cut to make magnificent indoor cut flower displays too! They are really easy to grow once planted, leave them in the ground and theyll flower for many years getting bigger and better each year! Woodstock is a fantastic variety that produces beautiful magenta-purple blooms in spring. They are perfect for indoor displays.

Allium bulbs "Mount Everest" pack of 2

Allium bulbs "Mount Everest" pack of 2 was £4.99 now £2.99
With their giant bright-white, starburst flower heads standing on tall green stems, these wonderful alliums will look simply stunning in wherever you plant them in your garden you could also cut and dry them for fantastic indoor displays. Related to onions (but dont eat them!) they are very tough and hardy and they are great for beginners.

Tulip bulbs - Tall 'Triumph'  Mix - pack of 50

Tulip bulbs – Tall ‘Triumph’ Mix – pack of 50 was £9.99 now £6.99
A great mixture of taller tulips approx. 45-50cm tall to give you a kaleidoscope of spring colour. They are incredibly versatile, very strong and sturdy and show off the classic, much loved tulip shape. Perfect for growing in beds and borders, this mix is an all-in-one solution to adding vibrant spring colour to your garden next year – maximum impact with minimum effort! We’ve put together a stunning mix of colour to create a real rainbow of tulips to stand loud and proud in your beds, borders or containers next year without you having to do anything other than plant and water. Tulips are one of the most popular bulbs, as they are are great planted with many different colour variations to give a fresh, vibrant spring colour to your garden, patio or decking but they also make great cut flowers to brighten up the house. Plant in autumn for stunning spring displays.