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New products at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - November 7th, 2017.
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New lines today at Jersey Plants Direct

lucky dip 140 autumn ready bedding plants

lucky dip 140 autumn ready bedding plants £29.98
A worthwhile lucky dip offerSet up your garden with masses of blooms with this lucky dip offer. Selected from but not necessarily including all of: Pansy Can Can, Pansy Colourburst and Wallflower Wizard.

Dianthus Gem 12x12cm Pot Plants

Dianthus Gem 12x12cm Pot Plants £26.99
RHS Perfect for PollinatorsThe Dianthus Gem can add much needed colour to your displays from autumn all the way through to spring when they will attract pollinators.

Bellis Belle 12x12cm Pot Plants

Bellis Belle 12x12cm Pot Plants £26.99
Perfect Complement to Your Winter Pansies!Bellis Belle is a resilient bloomer that will look incredible when in full bloom during Spring and again in Autumn. That’s a very long time to enjoy these beautiful plants.

Pansy Firecracker 12x12cm Pot Plants

Pansy Firecracker 12x12cm Pot Plants £26.99
A Free flowering varietyThe pansy Firecracker is an ideal vibrant addition to your winter garden, receive praise from visitors by simply having this wonderful variety in your garden, patio or indoors.

Primula Auricula Rainbow 12x12cm Pot Plants

Primula Auricula Rainbow 12x12cm Pot Plants £26.99
Fully Frost Hardy with Dramatic Spring ColourA wonderfully coloured Primula variety that will stand out even in Spring. Get ahead of the competition and set your Spring garden up for greatness with these Primula Auricula Rainbow 12cm pots.

Pansy Grande Fragrance Autumn 12x12cm Pot Plants

Pansy Grande Fragrance Autumn 12x12cm Pot Plants £26.99
Beautifully scented Pansy with large flowersA delightful aroma and a flurry of colours is what makes the Pansy Grande Fragrance an outstanding choice for your displays.

Pansy Can Can Autumn 12x12cm Pot Plants

Pansy Can Can Autumn 12x12cm Pot Plants £26.99
Perfect for creating a Medley of Dazzling Ruffled Blooms!Decorate your garden, patio and home with these beautiful ruffled bloomers, the Pansy Can Can has plenty of colours to stand out ion any display.

Stock Autumn Fragrance 12x12cm Pot Plants

Stock Autumn Fragrance 12x12cm Pot Plants £26.99
Superior scented F1 varietyPink, white and purple blooms with a wonderful scent is what makes the Stock Autumn Fragrance such an attractive plant in any display.

Pansy Zest 12x12cm Pot Plants

Pansy Zest 12x12cm Pot Plants £26.99
Bring a Ray of Sunshine to Your Winter GardenThe pansy Zest offers plenty of colour and resilience against the cold, so you can rely on it to give you plenty for your money from Autumn all the way though to Spring.