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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - November 22nd, 2017.
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Suttons Seeds just added these new products

Underground Beer Fridge - The Beer Lift

Underground Beer Fridge – The Beer Lift £199.00
What man on earth would not want his very own beer cave? Not only does it keep your precious beer cool, the Beer Lift is one of the coolest boys toys available for a long time. So how does this underground beer store work? Made in Germany (so very high spec and efficient!) the underground Beer Lift is a tough plastic tube, sealed at one end, incorporating a clever lift mechanism so that you can effortlessly raise your stash of beer bottles up and out of the ground. Simply remove the lid, turn the handle 45 and watch the cool beer rise up. When not in use, the three trays of beer are pushed back into the ground and totally disappear. Finally, replace the waterproof lid and no one will ever guess what is under their feet – 15 bottles of cool beer!

Mutt Muffs Dog Ear Defenders - Large Labrador

Mutt Muffs Dog Ear Defenders – Large Labrador £99.99
Dogs are mans best friend, so protect your dogs ears from loud bangs and noises with Mutt Muffs. These foam filled ear muffs are contoured to the shape of a dogs head to ensure maximum comfort for the dog. Comes in a large size, with adjustable straps for a perfect fit. Being both lightweight and comfortable, your dog should have no problem wearing them.

Chilled Wicker Champagne Basket with 12 Flutes

Chilled Wicker Champagne Basket with 12 Flutes £99.99
It’s lovely to have a wicker basket to transport your champagne and glasses to a favourite destination but it’s another thing to have the ability to keep it cool while travelling in the heat of summer!The chilled wicker champagne basket with 12 glasses keeps your bottles cool and your glasses upright so you’re well prepared for an afternoon of frivolities with friends and family.

Large Honeycomb

Large Honeycomb £44.99
Many people have never seen such a large comb of raw honey before! Our Large Honeycomb is produced by a family run farm in Devon. You may have seen a ‘Local Honey for Sale’ sign on the side of the road and now you can buy that local honey whilst supporting the local honey farmer, perfect if you’re not local to a honey farm.

Blue Gluggle Jug

Blue Gluggle Jug £32.99
Gluggle jugs are traditional fish-shaped water pitchers that were first made in England in the 1870s and which became increasingly popular after they were given as a gift to Queen Elizabeth in 1958. Capacity: 1.1 litre. (This is the Extra Large size.)

Digging Dog Garden Ornament

Digging Dog Garden Ornament £29.99
The ultimate garden ornament and a wonderful present! This life-size back half of a Jack Russell terrier can be made to look busy digging up the lawn or used as a doorstop in the house. 25cm to tail.These diggers were first made by the famous Jonathan Eaton, who invented the concept of the digging dog and who sadly died in 2002.

Become a Lord or Lady!

Become a Lord or Lady! £24.99
This is your opportunity to join the noble ‘Elite’ and be the envy of your friends. You too can obtain a Laird (Scottish Lord) or Lady Title and receive ‘V.I.P’ treatment wherever you go!

Woof Board Game - The Dog Plays Too!

Woof Board Game – The Dog Plays Too! £24.99
Woof is one of the best new family board games. Are you a pet owner or do you know a family who is mad about their dog? The perfect gift for families that love their pooches. Product details – box contains: 1 Game board, 1 Egg timer, 1 Die, 5 Playing pieces, 40 WOOF cards (Dog Breed competition cards), 35 Dog Trick Challenge cards, 55 Dog Quiz cards, 10 Yin and Yang cards, 32 Dog Bone pieces, 26 Dog Bone pieces, 26 Dog Biscuit Pieces, 14 Doggy Doo Doo pieces.

Gardening Stool with Tool Bag

Gardening Stool with Tool Bag £24.99
This combination low-level stool with detachable tool bag is the perfect gardener’s companion! Designed specifically with gardeners in mind, the stool is the perfect height for sitting rather than kneeling and is great for weeding or any other low-level job in the garden. For extra convenience, hanging from under the stool is a very practical, completely detachable tool bag, absolutely perfect for keeping all of your gardening tools close to hand.