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Price reductions at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - November 23rd, 2017.
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Reduced price on products today at Jersey Plants Direct

Aubretia Royal Mix 12 Jumbo Plants

Aubretia Royal Mix 12 Jumbo Plants was £10.99 now £6.49
A Popular evergreen variety! Buy 12 and get 12 at half price! Click here Aubretia Royal Mix will literally be smothered in dainty flowers in hues of pink and purple from March straight through to May. A popular, evergreen variety, it is perfect for creating a tumbling display from cracks and crevices from your walls. It will also look fabulous creeping along your rockeries or as groundcover in your borders.

Aubretia Royal Mix 24 Jumbo Plants

Aubretia Royal Mix 24 Jumbo Plants was £16.49 now £8.49
Supreme flowering ability! Aubretia has a supreme flowering ability and is the perfect choice for any garden this Autumn! With its dainty blooms in shades of purple and pink from March to May, it is ideal for adding fabulous colour to your rockeries, crevices in walls or cracks in paths. Or why not plant in your mixed border schemes and watch it crawl to the front creating a carpet of colour?