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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - November 30th, 2017.
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Blooming Direct has these new items today

300 Summer Flowering Bulb Collection on 7 varieties

300 Summer Flowering Bulb Collection on 7 varieties £19.99
Transform your garden this summer with this simply brilliant collection of summer-flowering bulbs. Youll be amazed by the dazzling array of colours and variety of shapes for 5 whole months of summer! From tall spires of Gladioli, to pretty, disc-shaped Anemones, in multi-coloured vivid shades they are all sure-fire winners! They are perfect for patio containers and flower borders and best of all, each of these items will naturalise, so youll potentially get bigger and better displays each year for many years to come! All of these bulbs will flower from this summer, so youll get a minimum of 300 stems of vivid colour this season! A selection of beautiful summer bulbs comprising: 20 Gladioli Mixed Colours: Tall spires of multi-coloured flowers, perfect to cut for your home or brighten your garden. Extremely easy and low maintenance, and yet very rewarding. 50 Acidanthera Muraliae: Beautiful white flowers with a dark purple blotch at the centre. Tall slender pleated leaves 55 Brodiaea Mixed Colours: Clusters of attractive bell shaped blooms which make ideal bedding plants equally well suited to patio tubs and pots. 20 Freesia Mixed Colours: One of the most attractive and sweetly fragrant summer flowering bulbs. Perfect for patio pots, beds and borders, and will look brilliant in a vase in your home 55 Anemone De Caen: Gloriously coloured, poppy-like flowers. Will flower at different times during the year, dependent on when you plant them.   50 Sparaxis Mixed Colours: Perfect for adding vivid colour to your garden and make excellent cut flowers 50 Liatris spicata: Tall magenta-purple flower spikes appear from mid summer. Superb in the border and lovely in a vase.  

Polianthes tuberosa The Pearl (Tuberose) - pack x 10 size 12/14

Polianthes tuberosa The Pearl (Tuberose) – pack x 10 size 12/14 £14.99
Commonly known as Tuberoses, these amazingly sweet-scented beauties will enchant you in summer, as their beautiful fragrance wafts gently on warm evening breezes. You can see why it is used so much as a base fragrance in leading perfumes !! Tuberoses make a really nice cut flower to scent a room with, or enjoy in pots too. Plant the bulbs indoors in spring to get a head start, and bring outside from May, growing in a warm, sunny spot. They flower in August and September, producing pretty creamy white double flowers, with an intoxicating strong fragrance, on stems about 60-80cm tall. Top tip for success is once flowered, remove this section of the bulbs, as it never flowers again, but leaving new side shoots to flower next year. Bring pots inside each winter for frost-free area, and dry back. Enjoy the allure of your own Tuberose fragrances wafting on evening breeze in your garden.

Hardy Garden Alstroemeria Ligtu Hybrids - pack of 10

Hardy Garden Alstroemeria Ligtu Hybrids – pack of 10 £12.99
Often called Princess Lilies, Peruvian or Inca Lilies, Alstromeria’s stunning displays make it one of the most popular summer flowering perennials of all time. Often seen in expensive bouquets, Alstroemeria also make spectacular additions to any garden. Their gorgeous, delicate blooms come in one of the widest and brightest ranges of colours imaginable. Flowering from early June onwards, Alstroemeria will go on right through until early Autumn and just get better and better every year. Once planted, these bare-root beauties will quickly establish and go on to produce strong stems that will grow up to 2-3ft tall this year. Completely covered in flowers along their top half, Alstroemeria are perfect for cutting and creating the most stunning indoor display.

Exotic 'Flame Lily' (Gloriosa rothschildiana) plant - pack of 3 tubers

Exotic ‘Flame Lily’ (Gloriosa rothschildiana) plant – pack of 3 tubers £12.99
It’s easy to see how the spectacular ‘Flame Lily’ got it’s name! Now you can create simply stunning displays in your garden with this exotic beauty. Fiery-red, yellow- streaked flowers will dance like flames in the evening breeze across the summer months, providing an eye-catching spectacle and a hint of wonderful fragrance as you sit on your patio. Gloriosa rothschildiana, as it is properly named, is the national flower of Zimbabwe, and is perfect for cutting and creating vivid cut flower displays too, which last several weeks. For best results, plant 3 in a 25-30cm pot, and start off in a warm spot, either on a heater or in an airing cupboard, and keep frost free till May. The corms will store for many weeks in a cool, dry spot if you need to. Place outside for the Summer, and when it warms up they will shoot and twine away – use a few canes or pea sticks for support. They will flower in August and September, and slowly die back underground. keep dry and frost free over Winter for bigger and better displays next year.

Nerine bowdenii (Guernsey Lily) - pack of 10 bullbs

Nerine bowdenii (Guernsey Lily) – pack of 10 bullbs £12.99
Breathtakingly pretty clusters of exotic, vivid pink flowers will brighten up your garden late in Autumn, just as your summer flowers are starting to fade and all else seems to be on it’s last legs.! As the days shorten and skies get duller, Nerine bowdenii’s firework-like flower clusters will provide stunning colour right through until Winter, and make pretty posies if cut for the vase as well. Perfect for growing in a drift in flower beds and borders, you could also grow them in big patio pots, say 25-30cm diameter with 5 bulbs in. They are completely hardy and will easily withstand UK winters. Plant them about 5cm (2) deep, and around 10cm (4) apart. Awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit for its all-round performance in UK gardens. Nerines really are outstanding Autumn ‘good doers’, and every garden should have some for one last swansong of flower colour before the frosts.

Pineapple Lily (Eucomis bicolour) - pack of 3 bulbs

Pineapple Lily (Eucomis bicolour) – pack of 3 bulbs £9.99
These unusual bulbs will give you incredibly vibrant displays this summer. From June to September they will produce spikes of cream/green flowers, each one with a thin, rich purple edge. Each flower spike is topped with a crown-like tuft of leaves you can see how they got their name! Despite their exotic good looks, Pineapple Lilies are surprisingly hardy and will easily withstand British weather. Perfect for planting in pots or straight into your garden, they will form an attractive rosette of leaves, from which the stem will rapidly grow, reaching around 50cm (20) tall. In autumn, allow the plants to die back naturally, and they will reward you with bigger better displays for many years!

Bessera elegans (Coral drops) - pack of  25 bulbs

Bessera elegans (Coral drops) – pack of 25 bulbs £9.99
This gorgeous little delight called Bessera elegans looks like a cross between an exotically coloured snowdrop and a fuchsia flower, but is known by it’s common name of ‘Coral Drops’. The corms are quite small, but this belies the truly spectacular displays that erupt from them in late Summer. Stems of up to 45cm tall will bear up to 20 individual flowers, each one a lovely coral red colour, with contrasting creamy centres, and often creamy stripes inside the petal – such an unusual colour combination. They work really well planted 7-10 bulbs per 25cm pot, grown in hot sun – we do not suggest growing in the soil in the UK. Feed them well in season with a balanced feed, and they will reward with spectacular displays. They will flower in August into September. They are frost-tender, so after flowering, let the stems die back, but move the pot inside and dry right back until following Spring, when they will grow away in even bigger clumps. They can tolerate a little cold down to -5C, but not Winter wet, and if you do this will reward you with many years of flowering. ‘Coral Drops’ are a delightful little Summer firecracker, and well worth growing for something unusual and rarely offered in the UK.

Ismene (White Spider Lily) - pack of 10 bulbs size 14/16

Ismene (White Spider Lily) – pack of 10 bulbs size 14/16 £9.99
This interesting and unusual family of easy-to-grow bulbs produce spectacular Summer displays of sparkler-like white flowers, called Ismene or more commonly White Spider Lilies, or sometimes the Peruvian Daffodil. Despite their tropical looks, they grow and flower well in the UK in warm, sunny spots – great in pots, or in a well-drained sunny border. They will reach a height of 45cm, and flower in late summer, lasting for several weeks. In full flower on a warm Summer’s day, they are highly fragrant, and really add a different look to your garden. Easy to grow, they thrive if fed and watered well when growing, and kept in a sunny spot. Allow them to die back down underground each year for bigger and better displays for many years to come. Why not mix White Spider Lily in your pots and planters for something really different?

Exotic Canna tubers - pack of 5 Tall Mix

Exotic Canna tubers – pack of 5 Tall Mix £9.99
Cannas are one of those exotic beauties that do so much for the bright, zingy Summer garden. Their fiery hot colours of yellow, orange and red, and combinations of these, will erupt in beds and borders, adding great height and impact too. Each pack of 5 is a mix of colours, and also a mix of the green-leaves and lovely purple-leaved types, selected from taller flowering cultivars, so all will flower at 1M or more. Renowned for their tall flower spikes, grow them in large pots, or at the back of borders, in hot, sunny spots, in well-drained spots. Feed well when in growth – they will not start growing much until may, they grow away quickly as summer warms. They will over-Winter if they do not get too wet, and will benefit form a mulch – or the tubers can be dug up and stored cool over-Winter for use next year.