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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - November 30th, 2017.
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Suttons Seeds has these new items today

Poppy Plants - Champagne Bubbles Mix

Poppy Plants – Champagne Bubbles Mix £9.99
Large satin-silky cup-shaped flowers from early spring through to the end of summer. So easy to look after and happy in most soils and aspects within the garden. Quite drought tolerant once established too. Flowers May-September. Height 30-40cm (12-16). Middle of border variety.

Pepper Grafted Plants - Orange Kiss

Pepper Grafted Plants – Orange Kiss £9.99
The first orange Marconi-type pepper that is intensely sweet with a very crisp texture. A superb Italian style pointed pepper which can reach to 20cm (8) long. Perfect fresh, but equally good stuffed, roasted or stir-fried.

Grafted Tomato Quad Cocktail Plant - Tutti Frutti 'Mandarin'

Grafted Tomato Quad Cocktail Plant – Tutti Frutti ‘Mandarin’ £8.99
Specially raised by the professionals in our nursery to produce four fruiting stems on one plant (and four times the crop of a single stem grafted tomato). They can be trained as a ‘fan’ or a four-stem ‘tower’. Quad Cocktail Tutti Frutti ‘Mandarin’ – A deep orange tomato with fruity sweetness, sufficient acidity and an orange scent which almost convinces you that you are eating a mandarin! Supplied in a 12cm pot.

Cabbage Plants - Kilazol

Cabbage Plants – Kilazol £8.99
High quality, round headed white cabbage. Produces heads weighing between 1.5-2.5kg. Ideal for long term field standing and stores well in the fridge. Perfect for autumn harvesting.

Tomato Grafted Plants - Tutti Frutti F1  Cherry

Tomato Grafted Plants – Tutti Frutti F1 Cherry £7.99
An intense red tomato which is bursting with sweetness, with a rich after-taste. Small-sized round fruits are produced in abundance. The taste performs the best when the fruits are fully ripe. Fruit size average 20g.

Tomato Grafted Plants - Striped Stuffer

Tomato Grafted Plants – Striped Stuffer £7.99
If you like cooking, then Striped Stuffer is for you! This excellent heritage variety boasts scarlet skins striped with yellow. It has an easily removable core, making it the perfect choice for stuffing with mince or other treats, but it’s equally tasty in summer salads.