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New products at GreenFingers

by John - December 14th, 2017.
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GreenFingers has these new products today

Echoes Glazed Bird Bath and Stand

Echoes Glazed Bird Bath and Stand £39.99
This Echoes Bird Bath Kit is a large wonderfully coloured glazed birdbath with an elegant curved stand made from hi-fired ceramic.The bird bath comes with a delightful ripple pattern that is visually appealing and functional too as it provides extra footing and grip for the wild birds that visit. Ceramic construction. Hi

Wildlife World Igloo Hedgehog Home

Wildlife World Igloo Hedgehog Home £18.99
The Wildlife World Igloo Hedgehog Home offers hedgehogs and other mammals a safe retreat from the many hazards of modern life such as garden strimmers forks and tools pets and other predators such as badgers and foxes. This habitat is much safer than the compost heap or bonfire where hedgehogs are in danger from garden tools or the being burnt.The round painted steel frame has a water-proofed roof which is covered with a brush wood finish decorated with contrasting bands.Steel frame. Ideal shelter for hedgehogs that can even be used for hibernation. The igloo is spacious and can accommodate family groups such as mother and hoglets. The small entrance tunnel is designed to deter predators such badgers and dogs. The Igloo is predominately designed for shelter but may be used for hibernation if additional brushwood cover is provided over the igloo in winter.Dimensions: W59 x D53 x H22cmOpening: 13 x 13cmSiting: Locate the Igloo within cover out of the prevailing wind. Pile leaves or foliage around the house to further camouflage it. Place short lengths of dry grass or leaves inside as nesting material. If boisterous dogs or badgers are in the area the igloo and may be anchored down for extra security.

Wildlife World Friendly Bug Barn

Wildlife World Friendly Bug Barn £11.99
The Wildlife World Friendly-Bug Barn has lots of different textures crevices and hollows making it a multi-species home. You may attract ladybirds lacewings solitary bees and possibly over-wintering butterflies too.The natural split log design has an opening lid which reveals the inner bug barn. You can add your choice of bug nesting material in here such as bark straw or dried flower stems. The log walls are thick and chunky so are well-insulated & provide a cosy sanctuary for your friendly bugs.Designed for multiple insect species. Made from FSC timber. Ideal for ladybird larvae which eat aphids. Can be used with Ladybird Attractant Food. The barn also combines bees tubes and drilled bee tubes which can be used by pollinating bees such as Mason Bees or Leafcutter bees. To attract a large selection of insects site your Bug Barn next to lawns sheltered flower beds wooded glades or even in plantersDimensions: W14 x D12.8 x H23.8cm

Henry the Hedgehog Boot Brush

Henry the Hedgehog Boot Brush £16.99
Henry the Hedgehog Boot Brush makes an unusual but cute addition to your household! Manufactured from cast iron making it strong sturdy and durable it features really tough bristles to clean dirty boots and shoes and help keep any muck from being brought into the house. It makes a great housewarming gift too! Dimensions: W26 x D17 x H17cm

Standing Duck Watering Can 1 Litre

Standing Duck Watering Can 1 Litre £16.99
Brighten up a mundane daily task with this delightful Standing Duck Watering Can that is sure to have you singing its praises in no time at all. Watering will never be the same again as water pours out of the open beak to make it a novel yet practical addition to your home or garden. Children will just love it too and perhaps take it for a walk around the garden watering the plants as they go along.It is hand crafted in India from galvanised metal to give each watering can a unique individual finish and endearing rustic charm coming complete with minor blemishes and bumps. It will sit pretty as an ornament when the day

Wildlife World Bee & Bug Biome

Wildlife World Bee & Bug Biome £19.79
Provide a home for solitary bees ladybirds and other beneficial insects such as lacewings with this attractive Wildlife World Bee & Bug FSC Biome . Bees and bugs either provide the vital role of pollination in your garden or are great at predator control munching through aphids and the like. To encourage you further to create a complete habitat for your beneficial insects you also get a free pack of British Wildflower Seeds that have been especially selected to attract gentle pollinating bees plus a free Bee Species Guide. European Consumers Choice Award 2014. The biome is manufactured from durable natural FSC timber and painted in an attractive soft green water-based paint which makes it look good in any garden. This is a great gift for any avid gardener and also a terrific way to get your children interested in nature.Dimensions: W17 x D10.5 x H24cm

Echoes Glazed Bird Bath

Echoes Glazed Bird Bath £23.49
This Echoes Bird Bath is a large wonderfully coloured glazed birdbath made from hi-fired ceramic. It has a delightful ripple design that is visually appealing and functional too as it provides extra footing and grip for the wild birds that visit. It also features a quote by William Blake imprinted around the contrasting outer rim of the birdbath; To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wildflower hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour. 34 x 34 x 5.5cm high This comes complete with 3 glazed mounting feetThe stand for this bath is available separately.

Chavenage FSC Bat Box

Chavenage FSC Bat Box £15.99
Bats need new habitats as many of their locations have been lost over recent years so why not do your bit to help this natural and attractive bat box will fit into any garden woodland or house wall location. It is made from solid high quality and durable FSC timber which provides longevity and excellent insulation. The narrow entrance slot and strong timber help to keep away predators and a swing panel at the base allows for easy cleaning if required. The ideal location for this bat box is about 2.5

Lawn Ranger Thermal Hat

Lawn Ranger Thermal Hat £7.99
Keep warm in the garden this winter with this thermal lined hat embroidered with ‘The Lawn Ranger’ cartoon.

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