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New products at GreenFingers

by John - December 20th, 2017.
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GreenFingers has these new items today

Autumn Bulbs - Delft Bowl - T

Autumn Bulbs – Delft Bowl – T £4.49
A wonderful indoor growing gift! This Delft Bowl with T

Greenfingers Metal Peacock Garden Ornament

Greenfingers Metal Peacock Garden Ornament £19.99
This Metal Peacock is suitable for outdoor and indoor use and will add character to your house conservatory or garden.The piece is exquisitely detailed and includes features such as metal feathers wings and eye details all painted with natural colours to help the pheasant look realistic. Dimensions:W73 x D28 x H62cmMetal constructionIndoor and outdoor useNatural ColoursShiny Finish

Terra Flexible Tub Trug - 15lt

Terra Flexible Tub Trug – 15lt £2.99
This Terra Flexible Tub Trug is an extremely handy addition to your gardening equipment allowing you to tackle jobs in one go without walking back and forth to the house bin or shed.This practical trug is made from durable lightweight polypropylene. Being made from plastic means that it is waterproof easy to clean and won

Fallen Fruits Rooster Weathervane

Fallen Fruits Rooster Weathervane £34.99
A classic and stylish addition to your outdoors this Fallen Fruits Rooster Weathervane has an antique weathered finish. It not only looks great but also is functional as it allows you to keep in touch with the elements as well as provide an eye-catching feature to your garden.Made from cast iron this sturdy and durable weathervane features the traditional rooster showing the wind direction and can be affixed to your house on top of your garden wall fence or garage. Just in case you are not entirely sure which way the wind is blowing a handy arrow rests just below the rooster to also point the way. Dimensions: W36 x D36 x H69cm

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