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Price reductions at Dobies

by Sarah - December 20th, 2017.
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Reduced price on items today at Dobies

Small Greenhouse

Small Greenhouse was £99.99 now £64.00
Perfect for small spaces or where you dont want to keep a permanent greenhouse, with easy access through roll up door. Does everything a glasshouse will do but can be put away for the winter. Made of tough polythene. Includes shelving. Measures 143cm (56) each way x 195cm (76) high. PLUS Free accessory kit worth over 25!

Kneeler - Bosneeleze Blue

Kneeler – Bosneeleze Blue was £7.50 now £5.00
Separate arrangements will be made for delivery of these very large items. Portable and hard wearing. Designed to be used in the home as well as the garden. Specially made for your comfort from multi layered materials. Waterproof and suitable for all surfaces and weather. Easy to care for and wipe clean and left to dry.

The Hungover Gnome

The Hungover Gnome was £22.99 now £11.49
Garden Gnomes are known for being able to drink with the best of em, but this one had just a little too much P-Gnome Grigio. Great for gardens, vineyards and collector shelves. Made of durable cast polyresin and withstand the elements. Approximately 9 tall.

Pop-Up Hotbed Gardenguard Tunnel and Extension

Pop-Up Hotbed Gardenguard Tunnel and Extension was £62.98 now £24.98
The innovative GardenGuard(TM) pop-up module system is the quick and easy way to protect your plants. They take literally minutes to erect and anchor to the ground, and are equally easy to dismantle. The giant-sized 3m (9’10) long tunnels stand 80cm (311/2) high and measure 1.2-1.5m (4-5′) wide, providing excellent coverage. Ideal for use over raised beds or in the veg garden, they have a sturdy fibreglass frame, are supplied in a handy bag for convenient storage between growing seasons and come complete with 14 steel pegs to secure them to the ground (alternatively they can be screwed to timber raised beds). Extension packs allow you to lengthen your tunnels to any length, in 1.1m (43) increments, and you can easily access your plants by simply unzipping the units where necessary or folding back the two ends.Hotbed Tunnel – UV-stabilised PVC material creates a ‘mini-greenhouse’ for speedy growth, as well as providing protection from adverse weather and pests. Ideal for use in spring, to promote earlier cropping.

Mini Garden Growing Success Kit - Trolley

Mini Garden Growing Success Kit – Trolley was £49.99 now £36.99
Also available separately is a sturdy trolley 46cm (18) x 64cm (25) x 71.5cm (28) high to raise it off the ground and make it easily portable.

Baker's Rack Shelf

Baker’s Rack Shelf was £149.99 now £99.99
A beautiful, decorative space saving solution allowing you to display the maximum number of plants. Comprising of 5 shelves, the ornate, decorative iron work of this Baker’s Shelf Rack is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Made from wrought iron with a matt black powder coating for weather resistance. Height 170cm, width 75cm, depth 34cm.

RHS Everflow Garden Hose - 50m

RHS Everflow Garden Hose – 50m was £49.99 now £39.99
This premium quality garden hose, endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, has been developed with patented Evercore ‘Flow Protect’ technology that ensures water flow cannot be cut off, making total pressure loss virtually impossible. It’s flexible and lightweight and can withstand heavy weight strains, knots and kinks whilst still maintaining a permanent water flow. Made in the UK, it’s fully compatible with all UK standard hosepipe fittings. 30 years guarantee. 50m. PLEASE NOTE: This item does not come with connectors.

Wheelbarrow Booster

Wheelbarrow Booster was £14.99 now £7.49
Increase the capacity of your wheelbarrow by up to 300%! The wheebarrow booster can be attached in seconds and can be used throughout all seasons. And when not in use it can be folded flat for easy storage.

Tomato Success Kit

Tomato Success Kit was £47.97 now £36.00
These planter/frames are a great way of maximising your tomato harvest, enabling you to grow up to four plants for every metre – perfect for gardens or greenhouses with little space. With a built-in 1.5m (5′) high support frame and a 2 litre water reservoir, it makes watering and training them easy – so they’ll produce lots of tasty fruit! Ideal for other climbing flower and veg plants too.