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New products at GreenFingers

by John - December 29th, 2017.
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GreenFingers has this new product today

Levington Desert Cactus & Bonsai Compost -  8 Litre

Levington Desert Cactus & Bonsai Compost – 8 Litre £5.99
Perfect for potting re-potting and propagation of cacti and succulents Levington Desert Cactus & Bonsai Compost is also ideal for alpine plants and African violets. It is pH balanced to provide a slightly acidic environment which is preferred by cacti and has optimum drainage which prevents excess moisture build up. It also has a free-draining blend of loam sand bark and peat with essential nutrients preferred by Bonsai trees.Stronger healthier plantsRe-sealable bagQuantity: 8 litres

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