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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - January 3rd, 2018.
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New items at Suttons Seeds

Gripple Offer

Gripple Offer £42.97
Gripple Offer – A clever solution to supporting climbers.Developed from a commercial vineyard system, the Gripple Plant Support System is simple but outstanding. It comprises a simple push-fit joiner and tensioner, with rollers that grip in one direction but instantly lock in the other, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly tension the UV stabilised, single strand nylon ‘wire’ between any number of posts or wall ‘eyes’. All the parts are non-rusting, so will last for years and can be re-used if required. No more knots! No more sharp ends! No more loose, flapping plant support wires! The Starter Kit comprises 30m (100′) of nylon ‘wire’ and 4 Gripples. PLUS add-on Gripple 50m (165′) nylon ‘wire’ for Gripple Plant Support system, add-on Gripples x 10 for Gripple Plant Support system.

Add-on Gripples x 10

Add-on Gripples x 10 £14.99
Add-on Gripples x 10 for Gripple Plant Support system.

Grafted Tomato Plants - Summerlast

Grafted Tomato Plants – Summerlast £9.99
A first for dwarf patio tomatoes, ‘Summerlast’ is the new BLIGHT RESISTANT variety that everyone can grow. A perfect size plant for patios and containers, ‘Summerlast’ can even be grown on a balcony, only needing a 25cm (10) pot. Cropping throughout summer and into autumn, ‘Summerlast’ has cocktail sized fruit with sweeter fruit than other dwarf tomato varieties, great to snack on and use in salads. Plants have the ‘stay green trait’, meaning they leaves won’t yellow, plus it is also resistant to TMV. Plants do not need pinching out, but may need a small cane to support all the fruit when it begins to ripen. Supplied in 10cm pots.

Pea Mangetout Seeds - Sweet Horizon

Pea Mangetout Seeds – Sweet Horizon £2.99
This true mangetout pea has a strong growth habit and produces a good crop of sweet and tasty eat all medium/dark green pods. Delicious stir-fried or steamed. Resistant to powdery mildew.