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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - January 11th, 2018.
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Blooming Direct just added these new items

Sweet Pea Saver Pack 36 plugs - all 3 packs

Sweet Pea Saver Pack 36 plugs – all 3 packs £24.97
Trailing Sweet Pea Fragrant Trails Sweet Peas in your hanging baskets… Yes, now it is possible! This ultra-compact, gorgeously sweetly fragrant variety will fill your whole patio with the unmistakeable fragrance of sweet peas from May until September. In a ravishing mixture of colours, including some bi-colours, it will brighten any part of your garden you plant it, although ideally, it needs to be in a hanging basket or another position where it can trail. Super Fragrant Sweet Pea Collection Sweet Peas are consistently voted one of the nations favourite flowers year after year, their evocative scent and ease of growing making them so popular. Here we have created a mix of the most popular colours and shades, including many old-fashioned types, selected primarily for scent when used as cut flowers. Fragrant Patio Perfect Sweet peas Patio Perfect is the very best sweet pea for any outdoor pots and planters! It naturally grows to only around 2ft tall and will become smothered in sweetly scented blooms from mid June onwards bringing a fabulous mix of summer long colour to your garden. As the flower stems average around 6in Patio Perfect can also be cut and makes a lovely posy in a small vase, yet takes up little space at all. These are supplied as 4 plants in each plug – plant them as they are and do not tease apart, and you will end up with bigger and better displays. From earlier plantings before end of March, you can trim them back to encourage side branching and thus more flowers.

Pair of Hardy Phoenix Palms trees 1.2-1.4M tall

Pair of Hardy Phoenix Palms trees 1.2-1.4M tall £19.99
Add a pair of these tropical beauties to your garden to create a real holiday feel for many years, Their unique architectural shape and spectacular foliage adds instant dramatic impact to any garden. Despite their tropical origins, these exotic plants thrive in the UK and are winter hardy to -6. They love a sunny position and are perfect for patio pots! Supplied as a pair of mature potted plants,

Decora Balcony Trailing Geranium Bedding Plant Mix Pack of 24 Jumbo Plugs

Decora Balcony Trailing Geranium Bedding Plant Mix Pack of 24 Jumbo Plugs £19.99
Best known for their ability to cascade with free flowering displays from window boxes and hanging baskets, Decora Trailing Geraniums are the most popular type across the UK and Europe. They have incredible Flower-Power and will produce a non-stop torrent of colourful blooms from May until the frosts in the autumn, rewarding you with an even better show if you occasionally feed with a high potash plant food. Decora Geraniums will thrive in a hot, sun-drenched location and therefore make the perfect plant for the discerning but busy gardener! Our collection comprises 24 strong-growing Jumbo-Plants that will arrive nursery fresh and ready to grow like crazy.

Busy Lizzie Impatiens New Guindea Divine Pack of 24 Jumbo Plug Bedding Plants

Busy Lizzie Impatiens New Guindea Divine Pack of 24 Jumbo Plug Bedding Plants £19.99
At last, the New Guinea Divine Busy Lizzie offers a real mildew resistant alternative to seed-raised Busy Lizzies.   Their lovely bright colours are set against deep-green and tough leaves, and planted about 30cm apart they provide a carpet of colour in any border, bed or patio planter. A real breakthrough for British gardeners that delivers every year.

Lofos Wine Red Vine Bedding Plants - Pack of 12 Jumbo Plugs

Lofos Wine Red Vine Bedding Plants – Pack of 12 Jumbo Plugs £16.99
Lofos Wine Red will add a unique dimension to your summer hanging baskets the flowering trails will reach over 1.2m (4ft) long by the end of the season and almost touch the floor! The lovely trumpet-shaped flowers contrast brilliantly with the lush green foliage and look incredibly tropical. Lofos is a very fast grower, with the foliage tending to establish first and then, once the warm summer days arrive in June, the pretty flowers will commence, continuing thereafter right until first frost in the autumn. A very special and unusual summer flowering plant and if you have never grown it before, its one that is not to be missed!

Chrysanthemum Garden 'Mums Collection - 18 Plug Plants

Chrysanthemum Garden ‘Mums Collection – 18 Plug Plants £16.99
Nothing heralds the arrival of Autumn in the garden than good old-fashioned Chrysanths – and these amazing Hardy Garden ‘Mums are just the ticket to fill your garden with colour late on in the season and on into Winter. Naturally dome forming and compact, they will make fabulous potted plants for outdoors, or neat little domes in beds and borders. They will be smothered in literally hundreds and hundreds of flowers in deep, rich Autumnal shades, their filled centres joining together to create a carpet of colour. You will get 3 jumbo plugs each of 6 colours from the Gigi series – Orange, Coral, Pink, Dark Pink, Snow and Yellow – all flowering their socks off from late August well into November. Perfection for the Autumn garden!

Double Flowered Rosebud Geranium Bedding & Basket Plant Pack of 12 Jumbo Plugs

Double Flowered Rosebud Geranium Bedding & Basket Plant Pack of 12 Jumbo Plugs £14.99
This completely unique Rosebud Geranium will transform your baskets and gardens with a summer long show of their stunning double flowers in a confection of pinks, reds, whites and purples, and everything in between. Renowned for their tolerance of drought and heat in summer, yet they perform really well in our more normal rainy Summers too! In our view, one of the very best choices for summer bedding and reliability you can buy, and our customers think so too – this is regularly in our top 3 bedding plant best-sellers. As they are about to burst into flower in summer, you will notice gorgeous buds in clusters, each one looking just like a tightly budded rose waiting to burst open, to create a simply incredible show of colourful, double flowers. Plant them in baskets, window boxes and containers anywhere where they can trail spectacularly, and you will not be disappointed. Supplied as 12 jumbo plugs, they can either be potted on into 9cm pots for a few weeks in a frost free environment, or planted out into baskets and tubs directly once frost risk has passed. Let Rosebud Geraniums delight you this year.  

NEW Spotted Petunia 'Night Sky' Bedding Plant Pack of 12 Jumbo Plugs

NEW Spotted Petunia ‘Night Sky’ Bedding Plant Pack of 12 Jumbo Plugs £14.99
Petunia ‘Night Sky is dramatically different and light years from any Petunia that’s gone before! It has won many Trade Awards in 2015 ahead of it’s first supply to UK gardeners from 2016, and has caused a Wow! wherever it has been seen. It produces masses of velvety indigo blue flowers with a host of pure white flecks and spots – just like gazing into a far-away galaxy – quite unique amongst any flower we have ever seen. When the plant is flowering in its full glory through summer these are truly reminiscent of the constellations viewed above on a clear night. Night Sky forms a mounded yet gently trailing plant which is perfect for all baskets and patio planters.  It’s early flowering, blooming from May right to the end of summer. Be the envy of your neighbours and be one of the first to grow this superb new plant and hurry as stocks are limited in this launch year. Make sure you get yours as stocks are limited. Order early please.

Begonia 'Illumination Apricot Shades' Bedding Plant Pack of 12 Jumbo Plugs

Begonia ‘Illumination Apricot Shades’ Bedding Plant Pack of 12 Jumbo Plugs £14.99
Year after Year, Begonia Illumination Apricot Shades features in our Top 3 best-selling bedding and basket plants. Why? It’s undoubtedly the combination of fantastic performance in baskets and tubs whatever the Summer weather, combined with the gorgeous blend of warm tones and shades that the mix produces. This beautiful variety has flowers in wonderfully warm shades of yellow, gold, apricot, orange and ochre that will fill your hanging baskets and patio containers with colour from May until October! The blooms are incredibly weather proof, long lasting and plentiful, held on strong healthy plants with a gently trailing growing habit. They look best simply on their own, as there is enough subtle colour variation not to look too overdone. One for the short-list for sure.