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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - January 11th, 2018.
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New products at Suttons Seeds

Grafted Tomato Plants - Duo Sweet Petit/Orange Paruche

Grafted Tomato Plants – Duo Sweet Petit/Orange Paruche £17.99
We’ve grafted 2 compatible varieties, chosen for their quality, onto one super-strong rootstock. 1 plant, 2 stems, 2 varieties and 2 unique tastes! F1 Orange Paruche/Sweet Petit – An orange cocktail variety on one stem and a red cocktail variety on the other. Supplied in 10cm pots.

Kale Plants - Scarlet

Kale Plants – Scarlet £6.99
Enjoy an abundant harvest of delicious, deeply curled, crimson/purple leaves, which can be eaten with salads, cooked or used as an ingredient in soups. Suitable for freezing. Resistant to very bad winter conditions.

Kale Plants - Peacock White

Kale Plants – Peacock White £6.99
Unbelievably beautiful, with feathery foliage that looks more like an ornamental kale rather than an edible, yet in taste tests ‘Peacock White’ came top! The leaves are crisp yet tender and sweet. Perfect to be added raw to salads, adding flavour and colour. Feathery foliage becomes more ivory white when exposed to cold weather. Harvest October-December.

Saintpaulia Plant - Optimara Little Moonstone

Saintpaulia Plant – Optimara Little Moonstone £6.40
Double white flowers with a blue-tinged centre. Light green, hairy, ruffled leaves. Miniature. Flowers all year round.

Saintpaulia Plant - Newtown Ohio

Saintpaulia Plant – Newtown Ohio £6.40
Lovely magenta pink flowers with a paler edge smother this incredibly floriferous standard variety. Flowers all year round.

Lettuce Plants - Little Gem

Lettuce Plants – Little Gem £5.99
Little Gem is the perfect Cos Lettuce – it’s quick to mature, dwarf and compact, producing crisp, sweet, medium-sized hearts. Resistant to root aphid. Good under cloches. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Cos Variety. Recommended by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany.Tom says: Quick and easy lettuces are many peoples first veggie crop. Try mixing red and green lettuce leaves to add a note of bitterness to salads, or try slicing up little gem lettuces and sauting with peas and garlic for an alternative homegrown lunch.