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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - January 12th, 2018.
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Blooming Direct just added these new lines

Summer Scorcher Surfinia Petunia Hanging Basket Plants - Pack of 24 Plugs

Summer Scorcher Surfinia Petunia Hanging Basket Plants – Pack of 24 Plugs £19.99
Containing a bold and bright zingy mix of Bidens Gold Star alongside Surfinia Hot Pink, your hanging baskets will look spectacular this summer, with non-stop flowers from May until late October!  Specially selected to create amazing hanging basket displays, the Surfinia Petunia is a strong trailing variety bred to produce masses of flowers and planted together with bright yellow Bidens, you are guaranteed to produce a stunning display. This spectacular combination will provide non-stop colour all summer long. This item contains 12 plants of each variety for the ultimately sumptuous display!

Pack of 12 Felicia Blue Daisy Plug Plants for Beds, Borders, Pots

Pack of 12 Felicia Blue Daisy Plug Plants for Beds, Borders, Pots £12.99
Lovely little daisy like blooms that are invaluable as part of a mixed basket or container as they add a colour combination that is seldom seen. This variety is more compact, needs no dead heading and is heat tolerant. They are easy to care for and are among the last plants to cease flowering at the end of a long summer.

Nicotiana Perfume Mix 40 plug plants

Nicotiana Perfume Mix 40 plug plants £7.99
The ever popular Tobacco Plant always delivers its clouds of heady perfume every Summer evening, and the aptly named Perfume F1 series is no exception. Selected for its fabulous fragrance, and compact and well-branched form, Perfume F1 mix delivers a lovely pastel palette of pinks, purples, whites, to reds and all shades in between. Somewhat late starters in the season, they really motor when the temperatures warm up, and grow very quickly in hot months. Plant about 20cm apart in pots or in mass plantings in borders, close to where you can enjoy their evening scent. They can be cut and last reasonably well in the vase too, so bring some lovely Summer Perfume indoors too!

Marigold Durango Mix 40 plug plants

Marigold Durango Mix 40 plug plants £7.99
The sheer brightness of colours in this French Marigold series opens up a whole range of colour theming opportunities in pots and borders. Durango is a series of large anemone-flowered Marigolds, each flower to 5cm across, and is renowned for it’s easy natural branching habit, filling up space well. Plant about 20cm apart for a carpet of colour. Hot oranges, reds, and deep golden yellows and many with a mix of several shades in between – you can get hot, hot, hot with your plantings this year. They thrive in full, hot sun, but tolerate our rainy periods too.

Thalictrum rochebraunianum 9cm

Thalictrum rochebraunianum 9cm £5.99
Despite it’s delicate appearance this lovely plant is nigh on indestructible. It grows strongly in any reasonably well lit border, even in the poorest soils and forms a cloud of tiny pinkish purple blooms on ferny foliage. Spells of poor summer weather do not seem to bother it and the plants are fresh healthy and colourful all year with an attarctive pink tinge to the young spring growth.  A great plant for filling spacious borders and very nice in large floral vases.