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Price reductions at Blooming Direct

by John - January 18th, 2018.
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Reduced price on items today at Blooming Direct

Set of 3 Tabletop Snowy Christmas Trees 25cm tall

Set of 3 Tabletop Snowy Christmas Trees 25cm tall was £19.99 now £2.99
Get into the festive mood with these wonderful, decorated mini Christmas trees! They are so cute, a miniature of the real thing! At just 20-25cm tall, they are perfect for instant windowsill or table top displays, or perhaps for an easy to look after tree in the children’s bedrooms. Each pot grown real Christmas tree is given a dusting of magical fake snow, for a real traditional festive feel. Not only that, they are supplied ready to display in an attractive red zinc pot, and complete with miniature decorations! Just unpack, and they are ready to go. The perfect living decoration – if kept watered indoors this Christmas, they can be planted outside, and will grow slowly over many years – the snow will of course wash off in the rain, but perhaps if planted in a bigger pot, can be brought inside each year and re-decorated. The perfect and easy to look after living Tree gift or decoration this year. Note – exact decoration may vary.

Indoor Narcissi 'Paperwhite' bulbs x10

Indoor Narcissi ‘Paperwhite’ bulbs x10 was £9.99 now £4.99
A superb indoor or outdoor variety that produces a mass of very sweetly scented, multi-headed flowers. It will reliably flower 6-8 weeks from planting indoors so makes a wonderful gift! Height 40cm (16). Plant close toegther in pots for maximum impact. Why not grow some for flowers at Christmas??

Fritillaria (Crown Imperial) Orange Bulbs - pack of 2 huge size 20/24.

Fritillaria (Crown Imperial) Orange Bulbs – pack of 2 huge size 20/24. was £9.99 now £4.99
Also known as Fritillaria imperialis, this stately plant flowers impact-fully from April onwards and is so named because of its whorl of leaves on the top of the blooms that look like a crown. Perfect for early season and tough, hardy colour in mixed borders, or natursalised areas. Very easy to grow. Its unique fragrance repels moles mice and other rodents! Height 1m (3ft).

Fritillaria meleagris (Snakeshead Fritillary) x 75 bulbs

Fritillaria meleagris (Snakeshead Fritillary) x 75 bulbs was £12.99 now £6.49
A stunning mix of colours from purple to white, fritillaria meleagris is also known as Snakeshead due to its unusual markings. With their beautiful checkerboard flowers, these hardy, easy to grow wild flowers are perfect for shady borders or under trees. Their dainty nodding flowers will appear in April, and last several weeks. Plant in groups in grass, or under trees, for a gorgeous natural look. Very easy to care for. Slow growing, so will not take over. Ht 20cm or so.

Crocus bulbs Giant Flowered Mix - pack of  100

Crocus bulbs Giant Flowered Mix – pack of 100 was £12.99 now £6.49
Large-flowered Crocus, the name says it all! Providing fresh spring colour this wonderful mix coloured crocus are great for pots and containers in the garden or on your balcony. Good for naturalizing as they come back every year and are perfect for planting under shrubs and trees.