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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - February 13th, 2018.
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Dobies just added these new lines

Echeveria Plant - Black Night

Echeveria Plant – Black Night £5.99
Outdoor succulents with black rosettes which are popular for modern planting schemes and interesting plants for patio pots. Try some for yourself! Flowers June-September. Height 1-10cm. Supplied in a 9cm pot.

Nerine bowdenii Plant - Nikita

Nerine bowdenii Plant – Nikita £9.99
Nerine bowdenii Nikita is a soft pink Guernsey Lily with reflexed, wavy-edged strappy petals which provide architectural structure to the back of the border and containers. Sometimes the hot pink nerines can seem a little too bright among displays – this milder version is ideal for those who admire the Guernsey Lily’s shape and texture but want something more subtle in colour. Flowers September-October. Height 50-60cm; spread 10-20cm. Supplied in a 2 litre pot.

Deutzia hybrida Plant - Strawberry Fields

Deutzia hybrida Plant – Strawberry Fields £15.99
Deutzia is a fast-growing, elegant, summer-flowering shrub, which has panicles of delicate flowers, with a sweet fragrance. ‘Strawberry Fields’ is the holder of an RHS Award of Garden Merit too. Flowers May-June. Height 100-150cm. Supplied in a 3 litre pot.

Weigela Plant - Bristol Ruby

Weigela Plant – Bristol Ruby £15.99
Weigela ‘Bristol Ruby’, more commonly known as weigelia, is a medium-sized deciduous shrub with a bushy upright form and overhanging branches when matured. The leaves are oval, egg-shaped and dark green in colour. In the autumn it is a beautiful ocher-red fall colour. The eye-catcher of the Bristol Ruby is its crimson-red trumpet-shaped flowers that adorn the plant from late May to early July. The flowers are fragrant. Height 251-300cm. Supplied in a 3 litre pot.

Pansy Plant - Antique Shades

Pansy Plant – Antique Shades £3.99
Large 3 flowers are typical of this variety. Held on strong sturdy stems, Imperial Antique Shades is best known for its clean hardy growth and unique colour tones from apricot to rose. Outstanding! Flowers October-January, April-May. Height 20-30cm. Supplied in a 9cm pot.

Forsythia int. Plant - NIMBUS

Forsythia int. Plant – NIMBUS £16.99
This very compact form of the ever-popular forsythia becomes absolutely smothered in large, rich yellow flowers that will light up your spring garden! It rarely needs pruning, but does bloom on old wood, so can be given a light trim after flowering if you need to. Flowers March-April. Height 70-80cm. Supplied in a 3 litre pot.

Blackcurrant Plant - Big Ben

Blackcurrant Plant – Big Ben £12.99
Blackcurrant Big Ben is a superb blackcurrant with huge fruits – much larger than the fruits of most other blackcurrants. Bred especially for eating fresh the large fruits are much sweeter than other varieties and once mature a plant can produce 4.5kg (10lb) of fruit! Big Ben is resistant to both powdery mildew and leaf spot. Harvest June-July. Supplied in a 2 litre pot.

Rhodanthemum Plant - Casablanca

Rhodanthemum Plant – Casablanca £9.99
Keep weeds at bay in your garden with a pretty blanket of snowy white flowers! Tightly knit plants cover bare soil quickly and without fuss. Flowering initially in spring, alongside spring bulbs. Then, after a summer rest, your Moroccan Daisies will bounce back for a late show, with flowers persisting well into September. Tough, drought tolerant and unforgiving – what more could you want from a plant? Flowers March-May, August-September. Height 20-30cm. Supplied in a 2 litre pot.

Canna Plant - Cannova Bronze Scarlet

Canna Plant – Cannova Bronze Scarlet £9.99
Cannas are ideal for our English climate. Short plants for every type of garden. Ideal for patios and urban gardens. Range of tropical colours. Impressively long blooming period! Flowers May-October. Height 70-80cm. Supplied in a 2 litre pot.