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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - February 17th, 2018.
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Suttons Seeds just added these new lines

Polyanthus Plants - F1 Spring Fever

Polyanthus Plants – F1 Spring Fever £8.99
Specially bred for improved winter hardiness, Spring Fever always carries an impressively large number of blooms in a wide variety of colours. It flowers late winter through to spring, putting on a beautiful display not just for one spring season, but for many years to come. Height 30cm.

Pansy Plants - F1 Select Mix

Pansy Plants – F1 Select Mix £8.99
This superb variety boasts a superb colour range, both with and without faces! Plants are very hardy, producing some colour throughout winter, reaching a climax in spring. Height 15-20cm.

Primrose Plants - F1 Select Mix

Primrose Plants – F1 Select Mix £8.99
This impressive mix will brighten your garden next spring and for years to come. The sturdy plants come in a host of shades, many attractively eyed. Flowers late winter through to spring. Height 15cm.

Armeria Plant - Ballerina Purple Rose

Armeria Plant – Ballerina Purple Rose £7.99
Clusters of purple flowers formed in a ball-shape on top of strong erect stems. Compact clump forming leaves which grow close to the ground. Free flowering over a long period from May to September. Easy to grow. Flowers June-July. Height 30-40cm (12-16); spread 30-40cm (12-16). Supplied in a 9cm pot.

Pepper Windowsill Plant - Pillar Yellow

Pepper Windowsill Plant – Pillar Yellow £6.99
Produces small, snack-sized sweet yellow peppers. Fruit is produced near the stem to give the ‘pillar’ shape, perfect to fit on a windowsill. Ideal for kids lunch boxes. Harvest July-September. Height 30-40cm. Supplied in a 12cm pot.

Pepper (Chilli) Windowsill Plant - Fiery Flames

Pepper (Chilli) Windowsill Plant – Fiery Flames £6.99
Compact plants up to 30cm (12) that are perfect for a windowsill. Fruit ripens from green to red with fruit size up to 3cm (1) long, 1cm (approximately ) wide. Strong, upward facing fruit. Up to 50 fruit per plant. 100,000 scoville. Supplied in a 12cm pot.

Tomato Windowsill Plant - Ponchi-Re

Tomato Windowsill Plant – Ponchi-Re £6.99
Extra small tomato plants, growing to 20-25cm tall, perfect for a windowsill. Small, sweet, cherry-sized fruit, perfect for snacking and for salads. Supplied in a 12cm pot.