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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - February 24th, 2018.
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Blooming Direct has these new products today

Mediterranean Oleander Collection plant collection - 3 colours in 17cm pots

Mediterranean Oleander Collection plant collection – 3 colours in 17cm pots £19.99
3 Sweetly Fragrant Mediterranean Oleander Plants Smothered In Summer-Long Flowers, Fully Hardy – Perfect For Your Patio! One of the UKs favourite exotics, these gorgeous Oleander plants will add a real warm Mediterranean feel to your patio or balcony with their boldly coloured, sweetly perfumed pink, red and white blooms standing out against their rich green, glossy foliage. Flowering from May to September, each Oleander plant looks stunning in a terracotta pot on a patio or balcony. So easy to grow, Oleander plants simply love hot dry weather, yet are perfectly happy in conditions down to -5C. Brilliant value, these large, 3 year old plants are supplied fully established in 17cm pots.

Premium Oleander Standard Pink tree in 20cm pot

Premium Oleander Standard Pink tree in 20cm pot £19.99
Breathtaking! Winter Hardy Standard Oleander A Riot Of Sumptuous Pink, Sweetly Scented Flowers & Luxurious Evergreen Foliage! A magnificent addition to any patio or balcony, these stunning, winter hardy Standard Oleander will create a wonderful fragrance and a Mediterranean feel all summer long. Gorgeous, sweet scent from their exotic, vibrant pink blooms will gently waft through the warm air in your garden simply delightful in early evenings in the summer. Flowering all summer long, they are wonderfully exotic, yet incredibly they are UK winter hardy to -5C too. They are very easy to grow they literally thrive on neglect and love hot, dry weather. No wonder Oleander are such a big favourite with UK plant lovers! These Mediterranean beauties will add height, vivid colour and sweet fragrance to your garden for years to come. Note: We use several varieites of pink, ranging from dark hot pink to pale pink – so the exact colour you receive may vary.   These trees have produced an abundance of flowers since late June. They are absolutely stunning and have received similar comments from both neighbours and visitors. As you can see they are still producing flowers into September at a time when bedding plants and other shrubs are beginning to fade. Excellent value for money! Peter, East Riding, September 2016 See photos opposite – thanks Peter!