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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - March 16th, 2018.
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New products at Suttons Seeds

Leatherjacket Killer - Large 250 million

Leatherjacket Killer – Large 250 million £84.99
Leatherjacket Killer 500 square metres contains 250 million Steinernema carpocapsae nematodes. These nematodes are watered into lawns or grass areas, where they seek out and infect Leatherjacket larvae. Once the nematodes enter the larvae, they release a bacteria, which kills the grub. The body is then used as a breeding site for more nematodes. It is important to apply with plenty of water and irrigation to make sure the nematodes can enter and move through the soil. Avoid application in bright and sunny days, as nematodes are U.V sensitive.

Leatherjacket Killer - 50 Million

Leatherjacket Killer – 50 Million £24.99
The most effective time to apply Leatherjacket Killer is in the late summer after daddy longlegs eggs have laid fresh eggs that have developed into Leatherjacket larvae. This normally occurs from August-October. One pack of Leatherjacket Killer will treat an area up to 100 square metres in size. Leatherjacket Killer is supplied as 2 packs of 25 million nematodes.

Spider Mite Killer - 25 Sachets

Spider Mite Killer – 25 Sachets £24.99
Spider Mite Killer Sachets – Amblyseius andersoni predators are excellent when used as a preventative or long-term control method for spider mites. Utilising the ability to feed on pollen even when prey is sparse these predators can survive for longer allowing introduction before infestations can build up. These predators feed on eggs, young and adult spider mites making them ideal to break pest life cycles long term.

Greenfly Killer - Tube (500)

Greenfly Killer – Tube (500) £24.99
Greenfly Killer using Lacewing larvae 500 is supplied as 500 2nd instar larvae in a 500 mil re-sealable tube. The best way to use Lacewing larvae is to apply directly to aphid colonies. They can be poured from the shaker bottle directly onto the aphids. The larvae are packed in a buckwheat husk carrier material with some food. This prevents them feeding on each other in transport. Lacewing larvae are easy to apply to low growing crops or plants wide leaves.

Carrot Root Fly Killer - 50 Million

Carrot Root Fly Killer – 50 Million £24.99
Carrot Root Fly Killer nematodes. Biological control of carrot root fly larvae with Steinernema feltiae nematodes. One pack treats an area of 20 square metres.

Fungus Fly Killer - 50 Million

Fungus Fly Killer – 50 Million £24.99
The Fungus Fly Killer nematode 50 million pack contains enough nematodes to treat an area up to 100 square metres or approximately up to 2000 2 litre pots. Ensure the compost is damp/moist before application.

Horse Chestnut Leafminer Trap

Horse Chestnut Leafminer Trap £19.99
The Horse Chestnut Leafminer trap uses a specific pheromone lure to attract and catch male Horse Chestnut moth adults into the trap. This reduces mating and therefore egg laying. The traps are capable of catching many hundreds of adult Horse Chestnut adults.

Garden Chafer Beetle Trap

Garden Chafer Beetle Trap £19.99
The Garden Chafer trap catches adult garden chafer beetles by attracting and catching them in a trap using a powerful attractant lure.

Box Tree Moth Trap

Box Tree Moth Trap £14.99
Box Tree moth and caterpillar kit for the monitoring and control of this new invasive pest. Supplied as pheromone trap for catching the male moths and a natural insecticide spray for killing the caterpillars.